Kitzingen cemetery: a lot of grass grows over it

kitzingen cemetery: a lot of grass grows over it

Who has patience, can walk through the rows and pay the green rectangles. After just a few meters, it’s clear that there are an astonishing number of them. Uwe plomitzer from the cemetery administration knows the exact number: 161 graves are currently vacant in the old cemetery in kitzingen. Like many other cities, kitzingen needs to think about how to deal with this "vacancy" to be dealt with.

There are 1411 graves in the old cemetery, which was laid out in 1542 and extended several times until 1889. Impressive tombs and even graves commemorate people who played a significant role in the development of the town. Well-known business families, brewery owners, composers and mayors are buried there.
"It’s kitzingen’s town history that you read here", says franz bohm. He has been chairman of the old cemetery interest group since may. It was founded after the war with the aim of restoring the severely damaged cemetery until the town could operate it itself again. More than 60 years later, this goal has long since been achieved. Nevertheless, the cemetery is still close to the heart of the community of interest – and so the many empty graves are also an issue for the 240-member paying association.

A little more than 20 years ago, there was not a single free grave in the old cemetery, uwe plomitzer remembers vividly. The deceased were therefore buried in the new cemetery. Bohm considers the cemetery opposite the falterturm to be ideal, especially for the burghers from the settlement, since it is not as far away as the new cemetery at the other end of the city.


Cult-kissinger celebrates jubilee

cult-kissinger celebrates jubilee

In normal years there is one event after the other to announce in bad kissingen. It’s very different in the first year corona. It’s more a matter of canceling one event after another. The most recent example of this is minnesang und schwerterklang, popularly known as the burgfest.

The castle festival was celebrated this weekend, even more rudely than usual. In 1220, count otto von botenlauben returned to his castle, bringing his wife beatrix with him to france. This 800-year anniversary had the home association reiterswiesen at the event especially appreciated, if the castle festival had not had to be canceled because of the corona pandemic for this year.

Despite the cancellation: the jubilee in itself sets an important historical marker for bad kissingen and even more so for the district of reiterswiesen. It underlines the city’s connection to otto, the minnesanger, crusader and monastery founder, one of the not so common medieval figures whose memory has survived through the centuries.


North korea: gunboat policy brings no solution

North Korea: gunboat policy brings no solution

If you want to divert attention from internal problems, the best way to rally your own people is to make the threat from an external enemy as dazzling as possible.
And military threat backdrops erected. Whether they are not only potemkin’s villages, however, remains to be seen. Just as the internal dynamics of this bizarre monarchic-communist dynasty are difficult for western observers to assess. Nevertheless, kim jong un and his camarilla could not act irrationally. The regime feels threatened by the U.S., and in his view not without reason. Provocations like the present one – by the way also from the south via military manover – have been part of korean everyday life for years and are ritualized. Alone, whether rational thinking will reign in all phases of the conflict and especially on the side of the young dictator remains doubtful.
The current crisis can only be solved by the intervention of the authorities. Which means for north korea, that china has to call off the alliance. So will the u.S., which will calculate that its gunboat policy only fuels one like kim jong un. Excessive accommodation, on the other hand, is not appropriate. The mullahs in iran will carefully observe the behavior of the west and draw their conclusions.


Marian grotto in roblach mountain celebrated anniversary

Marian grotto in roblach mountain celebrated anniversary

The mariengrotte on the right hand side at the entrance to tiefenbachtal is adorned with a beautiful flower arrangement. The furnishings of the small pointed-arched prayer house are simple and homely. The centerpiece is a life-size, youthful statue of the virgin mary, which looks down on the viewer from its pedestal in motherly goodness. For half a century, the treasure pocket embedded in a rock has invited people to pause and pray.

The gem in roblacher berg was solemnly consecrated in spring 1968 under father martin schneidtberger, SDB. This was the fulfillment of a heartfelt wish for the great marian devotee, who worked in steinberg from 1966 to 1972.

In front of the marian grotto, many believers of the parish gathered to celebrate the anniversary with a devotion and a procession of lights through the village. The prayers, impulses and songs carefully selected and compiled by the parish council made the devotion a moving experience. The harmonious singing of the liederkranz gundelsdorf and the atmospheric sounds of the musikverein steinberg contributed to this.


Strong increase in the tax power of the district

Strong increase in the tax power of the district

Kulmbach is top – at least in upper franconia and in terms of current tax and apportionment power. This was the result of the youngest corner data, which kreiskammerer rainer dippold presented to the district committee on monday. According to available estimates, the district’s tax power will increase by more than ten percent to over 62.7 million euros next year – an increase of approximately 5.9 million euros over the previous year. The main contributor was the noticeable increase in business tax revenue, which rose by almost 23 percent to over 22.6 million euros (2017: 18.4 million). The levy power is up 9.1 percent, and in euros it has risen from 6.4 million euros to 76.8 million euros.

With these figures, kulmbach climbs to the top of all municipalities in a comparison of upper franconia. In the bavarian ranking, the district also rose by five places, but at 47th place, it still ranks in the lower midfield and remains a lowly light compared with high flyers such as upper bavaria or swabia.

"These are extremely good figures for us", said district administrator klaus peter sollner (). He did not hide the fact that the stabilization aid from munich had contributed to the positive development of the finances. In five years, the district has benefited from a total of seven million euro. "But it also shows that our efforts to consolidate the budget are bearing fruit and that this is being rewarded by the state government.", said sollner. Current allocations of two million euros again went into debt repayment.


Santa claus hunt with rough halali

Santa Claus hunt with rough halali

This year, too, the nicholas hunt took place in the forchheim forestry operation, the oesdorf state hunting district of the bavarian state forestry commission. This involves two hunts in the lower marrow and the adelsdorfer marrow in the oesdorf/wimmelbach area up to the hochstadt county border with an area of 2,000 hectares. Deer and wild boar are hunted during the pressure hunt across the hunting grounds, as required by law.

District leader erich daum buried the approximately 200 hunters, divided into 17 groups, at the starting point, the forecourt at the fire station in wimmelbach. As non-hunting guests of honor, landrat hermann ulm and burgermeister gerd zimmer from hausen delivered short greetings at the starting point.

Stephan keilholz from the forchheim forestry operation of the bavarian state forests and hans dittmann, chairman of the BJV forchheim, took an active part in the pressure hunt.


Work shaped his life

Work shaped his life

Still mentally very fit for his age, says rudolf stauch at his 90th birthday party. Birthday from his life. The jubilarian grew up in the neighboring town of wilhelmsthal in a family of six and had to contribute to the family’s upkeep by weaving baskets as a child. The hard times of his youth and the privations of the second world war and the poor economic situation in the post-war period have left their mark on him to this day. But with his strong will and unbending diligence he has achieved something in life.

In the early 1950s, he worked in the schlegel coal mine& iron in langenbochum-herten in westphalia. During this time, he married his childhood sweetheart agnes, with whom he celebrated their iron wedding anniversary two years ago. After the war, he worked for the long-distance water pipeline and helped dig the water pipeline in wilhelmsthal. After three years at loewe in kronach, he worked in trench and canal construction in wurzburg and at the gunther company in stadtsteinach.

In the early 1960s, he built a house in steinberg, where his two sons were born. He still lives here with his wife agnes and is cared for by his daughter and son-in-law. In his retirement years, rudolf stauch stepped down on 1. January 1989 joined the field jury association kronach and was active for it for more than 25 years. He is still a member of the sports club and the volunteer fire department. His wish is to be able to spend many more years with his agnes in the home they share and to receive as many visits as possible from his family, his three children and three grandchildren.


“Hospital” forecourt is being paved

Sandblasted, flamed, sandblasted" – gerhard zedler, head of the building authority, crouches down on the pavement in front of the hospital's former pfortnerhaus and runs his fingers over stone surfaces and joints.
The city council's planning and environment committee met for a site visit at the old hospital construction site to select the paving. Three sample flats have been prepared by employees of the building yard. All granite, but much smoother than the cobblestones previously laid in the city center.

Fubganger friendly

Several committee members carefully test the patterns with their fingertips and by walking over them. The stones appear light, very light, but zedler assures that the material will darken after a while. Even a giebtest is announced. This does not agree with the provisional grouting with fine chippings.
The left pattern, according to zedler, has the straightest edges, therefore it can be laid even with the narrowest interspace. An argument that particularly appeals to manfred hummer (), who as liaison to the OBA (open work for the handicapped) pays special attention to the concerns of the handicapped residents of the city. Because not only once have complaints of handicapped people and wheelchair users landed with the administration that here and there getting ahead is difficult.
"This is the plaster i have been waiting for for years." Manfred mauser (FBF) sums up the opinion of his colleagues. Reinhold otzelberger (SPD) has hardly opened the committee as deputy chairman of the meeting when the city council members are already in agreement: the left-hand pavement, the one with the narrow joints, is the one to go for.


Five “new” ones for fc sand

After FC sand’s first team has successfully kept its place in the bavarian league, coach dieter schlereth’s team is now planning for the new season. After the club was able to keep the rough part of the team and also the first new commitments were made, now the fine tuning is still pending. FC sand relies on its own youth.

Departing players must be adequately replaced in order to be able to field a powerful squad in the 2019/20 season as well. However, this is only possible within the available funds and will still require some effort, as sports director erich barfub announced. But FC sand is lucky to have good youth work, which has taken the U19 team all the way up to the state league. From this team five players are now "ready" and are to be introduced to the bayerliga team – via stints in the second team, which will compete at least in the district league, and perhaps in the bezirksliga as well.

The preparation decides

The five young kickers are sebastian albert, christian knobloch, sebastian krines, andre lorzer and luca zeib. The quintet will participate in the preparation of the first team and then will be assigned to the individual team squads in the club. If the level of the five is not yet sufficient, this is, according to barfub, far from being a break. The junior players then remained under observation and could develop further in the second team.


Celebrated with organ and bells

Celebrated with organ and bells

The resurrection ceremony started at 5 o’clock in the morning. Despite the early hour, it was very well attended. Accompanied by nine altar boys and pastoral advisor thomas matzick, chaplain tobias fehn, who also preached the sermon, celebrated the service. The mass was celebrated by the church choir st. Otto under the direction of reinhold weber and organist alex ort musically framed.

The easter fire was lit on the church square, which was also used to burn the cotton balls of the baptism and the remaining consecrated oles of the previous year. Chaplain fehn first consecrated the fire before lighting the easter candle at this easter fire. After that the burning paschal candle was lit with the triple cry "lumen christi" into the house of god. This brought light to the st. Otto church, during the procession through the nave, the faithful lit the candles they had brought with them on this easter candle, so that the room gradually brightened up. A single candle broke the power of darkness. After the procession through the church, the paschal candle was placed on its stand by the altar. The exsultet was performed by fehn in song form.

The account of the creation from the book of genesis was the content of the first reading, to which the choir and congregation responded with "send forth your spirit" replied. The second reading from the book of exodus was about the exodus of the people of israel from agypt. The choir responded with "I will sing to the lord". The third reading from the book of ezekiel focused on the bewitchment to the people of israel. The choir and the congregation sang: "the word of the lord came to me"."