Museums want a bigger slice of the tourism pie

The corona-related travel bans led to a significant increase in the number of overnight stays by tourists from germany from the eifel to the bavarian forest. The upper franconia region also benefits from "vacations at home. But the museums benefit only partially from the increased tourism figures.

In order to create a better link between museums and tourism, the ambassador of the network "culture and enjoyment" had the following objectives and managing director of the museums at the monchshof in kulmbach, helga metzel, and her colleagues were invited to a networking meeting in the lecture hall of the monchshof museums. Together with the tourism representatives of the upper franconian towns and communities and the museum directors, the question was raised as to how tourism and museums can benefit more from each other and how more effective and active cooperation between the two areas can be demanded.

District administrator klaus peter sollner praised the work done so far by the regional initiative "enjoyment region upper franconia and emphasized the special features of the upper franconian museums: "culinary delights and enjoyment – upper franconia stands for this like no other region, and we can look with pride on our museums and organizations that bring these traditions and region-specific features closer to the people."


On the run from poverty

On the run from poverty

They allegedly wanted to go to france to do "light gardening work" earning money – the twelve rumanians who were stopped by the police in bruckenstrabe in hochstadt on wednesday morning. The twelve men from southeastern europe were in a ford-transit with hungarian license plates, registered for nine people, with their luggage.

They had to go with them to the hochstadt police station. There their passports were checked. "And that is how it remained", explained hochstadt’s deputy head of department gerhard backert.

Nine of the rumanians were allowed to continue the journey in the hungarian car. The three who were too much had – to the amazement of the police officers – immediately reached someone who picked them up. Because there was no evidence of a crime and the romanians, as EU citizens, enjoyed freedom of travel, passport control was not carried out.


Power line comes through the backdoor?

power line comes through the backdoor?

Just flipped the switch: on the last day of the objection period, the habberge district council in habfurt also came out strongly against the construction of another 380 kv power line, like one already in the main valley, over the habberge mountains. Such a line can be found in the current network development plan under the designation P44 – again! A variant of this P44 could run from altenfeld in thuringia (ilm district) via schalkau to grafenrheinfeld or to the bergrheinfeld substation, whose construction is in the final stage, with a new length of 81 kilometers.

Politicians startled

What has been driving mandatstrager and burghers in the neighboring counties of coburg and lichtenfels in upper franconia to the barricades for months and even to crude protest actions on the streets, has now also made the county administration bright eyed. That's why last week, district administrator wilhelm schneider (CSU) joined forces with his colleagues in lower franconia, who spoke out against further power lines in the direction of grafenrheinfeld. So with florian topper from schweinfurt. They are supported by the two members of the bundestag dorothee bar and anja weisgerber as well as state deputy steffen vogel (all CSU).

On monday, the county council adopted a resolution against the 380 kv power lines, signed by many mayors from the region. The mayors from maroldsweisach, bundorf, burgpreppach, riedbach, ermershausen and hofheim.