Investor: silicon valley has the edge in start-ups

investor: silicon valley has the edge in start-ups

Because megan quinn from the u.S. Investment firm kleiner perkins caufield& byers and technology blogger MG siegler visit berlin. They sit on bar stools at the head of a rough room on the fourth floor of betahaus, a meeting place for berlin’s internet scene.

The reputation of the city has now also reached the USA. "You hear a lot about berlin being a great place for start-ups," says siegler. He was a journalist for a well-known US blog for several years. Then he switched sides and is now an investor looking for the next idea that could turn into a profitable business. Getting investors like siegler excited about your business idea is one of the hurdles for start-ups. Because they usually need money from pigeons to implement their idea. California’s silicon valley continues to lead the way in this field. "Convincing investors to put a lot of money into a company is still much easier in the states," siegler says.

But where there are more investors and entrepreneurs, the pressure of competition is also greater. Anyone who imitates existing ideas or makes only slight improvements has poorer chances with investors, says megan quinn. "My advice is to do something really innovative," said quinn, who worked for google for seven years.


Advancing the lichtenfels district with projects

advancing the lichtenfels district with projects

Do we need a kummerer who gets projects off the ground and takes advantage of demand funds, but costs money himself?? This question was already on the minds of local politicians years ago. At first it hit: yes. Timo steiner was hired for this task in 2009. In the first three years, the regional management initiated investments of around 2.3 million euros and acquired receivables of 1.4 million euros for this purpose. The district invested around 74,000 euros per year in the position.
There was also a future coach, and the realization that one would not want to afford in the long term such personnel and konne. Because the positions are usually designed so that in the first three years, the state of bavaria takes over 80 percent of the salary – then no longer. This was recalled by district administrator christian meibner (CSU) on monday at the meeting of the district committee. In 2014, therefore, there were no more new appointments in the county in this regard.
Now, employee andreas grosch reported on the possibility of operating a regional call with existing personnel. Even so one could benefit from fordermitteln. Over a period of three years, projects worth 562,000 euros could be initiated, for which a contribution of "only" one million euros was required 112 500 euros raised. Grosch outlined the following fields of action: demographic change, innovation and competitiveness, settlement development, regional identity, climate change and energy. Grosch said in the review that he himself had been working at the district administration office since 2009 and therefore knew what had gone wrong then and what could go better in the future.
The new moglichkeit with a demand of 80 percent said the county councilmen. "We can only win", found bernhard christoph (grune). The decision was unanimous. It was first of all a decision of principle. The request period will not begin until 2019 and will extend into 2021. So there is still time to think about possible projects and draw up a request for proposals.

Established in the eastern district

For the eastern part of the county, the "responsibility compass obermain-jura" was in 2017 has been brought to life. It is accompanied by an external consulting firm and focuses on making the area of burgkunstadt, altenkunstadt and weismain more attractive and future-oriented.

Figures from the hospital

Once a year, according to the county's bylaws, there is an insight into the business reports of the companies in which the county has a stake under private law. The focus here is on the clinical center – apart from that, there are only "a few solar plants", as the district administrator remarked. Regiomed chief executive joachim bovelet was therefore invited to the meeting of the district council in lichtenfels in july.


Dfl on the last tv rate: no contractual agreement

Dfl on the last tv rate: no contractual agreement

"The #DFL is in talks with all media partners," the DFL tweeted. There is "still no contractually fixed agreement" with the pay-TV broadcaster sky, it said.

Bild" had reported on an agreement between DFL and sky, according to which slightly less money would be paid, but earlier than agreed. According to the report, ARD and ZDF are also ready to pay their next installment, although the bundesliga and the 2nd bundesliga are not in operation. League until at least 30. April is suspended and it is unclear if and when the season can be played to completion due to the coronavirus pandemic.

As the "bild" reported, the last sky rate had actually already ended on 10. April should be received by the DFL. According to a report in "kicker," the rights holders had not yet transferred the total of 304 million euros. The new payment date for the 36 clubs is 2 january. May had been agreed. Without the payment to the DFL, 13 clubs, including four bundesliga clubs, face insolvency within the next two weeks in may and june, according to "kicker".


The children are fed up

The children are fed up

The kids get a big stink. During their daily walks they actually like to use the paths along the city walls. But because they are full of dog piles, the spab is fundamentally spoiled for them. When the children of the duck group met mayor helmut blank (CSU) during a recent walk, they gave vent to their anger. And the dear come up with something.

Dog toilets installed

Dog poop has been an ongoing issue in munnerstadt for years. The paths along the city wall are especially popular with the dog walkers. And so they look. To make it easier for dog owners to remove and dispose of dog waste, the city has purchased several so-called dog toilets where empty bags can be removed and the full ones disposed of. These are used, but not by all dog owners. And so it is not uncommon that some owners let their four-legged friends do their business right next to the dog toilets and don’t bother about the waste they leave behind.

Because the town is celebrating 1250 years of its first documentary mention this year, several roads, paths and walkways have been repaired, including the walkways along the town wall. The grass growth has also been removed, with the result that the dog poo is now even better exposed.


A humiliation

A humiliation

He who comes too late is punished by life. This winged word is bitter truth for the smartphone pioneer blackberry. For too long, the company has rested on its laurels, trusting that businessmen will not only continue to regard the small-button device as indispensable, but also that it will be used for other purposes. The blackberry was considered a status symbol and cult object that non-owners looked at enviously – until the first iphone became the object of desire. Instead of realizing that apple could be a serious competitor, blackberry thought they knew what customers wanted. Real keyboards. And a blackberry. But the customers found and find iphones more stylish or now have a device with google's android with it.

Rescue is not in sight
If the canadian finance company buys blackberry, it won't solve their problems. No matter how good the device may be and how shiny it may already be. What is missing is a major corporation like google, for example, which not only provides access to a rough selection of apps, but also ensures that software updates are offered on a regular basis. Integration into the android world would save the blackberry devices and give the android world good hardware and profound knowledge about secure communication. But at the moment it does not look like a salvation.


Sanger from the hit parade as a guest in the bad rodach thermal baths

Sanger from the hit parade as a guest in the Bad rodach thermal baths

At the summer festival of the therme natur on sunday, 29. July, it’s all about "having fun together and enjoying the summer in its most beautiful form", as it says in a press release.

There will be a varied program from 2 p.M. To 6 p.M. Pile-driving highlights and a summery atmosphere in the interior and especially in the exterior are the order of the day. The best thing about it: the admission including all attractions is available at the special price of the "summer hit" campaign.

As a "real high point the appearance of michael heck is announced, who already once had the "goldene-1-hitparade of the ARD" won.


Thieves don’t have it easy in kulmbach

Thieves don't have it easy in kulmbach

Case 1: "it was blod by me", affirmed a 62-year-old defendant. On 12. July this year she stole tobacco and sausage worth ten euros in a supermarket. The reason she gave for her crime was the need for money. Since her husband was in an old people’s home, the back and front of the house had been lacking.

"I saw her go to the cash register, put the merchandise in her bag and leave the store", the store detective who was called as a witness explained.
The defendant was sentenced by judge tettmann to a fine of 20 daily sentences of ten euros each.

Case 2: a 52-year-old woman loved on 11. August 2017 in a supermarket, in addition to sub cigarettes, several cosmetic items were also stolen. She was also carrying two pocket knives and an animal repellent spray, which is why she was also charged with theft with weapons. "I never wanted to hurt anyone", testified the defendant, who confessed to the crime. Since her husband had cancer and was unable to work, the money was not enough.


What scholz’s soli proposals mean for burgers

What scholz's soli proposals mean for burgers

The solidarity surcharge is to be abolished – at least for most of those who pay it today. CDU, CSU and SPD already agreed on this "clear first step" in the coalition agreement.

Now finance minister olaf scholz (SPD) is nailing his head to the wall and presenting a proposal that is also available to the deutsche presse agency. The plan in detail:

– the solidarity surcharge amounts to 5.5 percent of the corporate or personal income tax. According to the ministry of finance, it brought in a total of 18.9 billion euros for the state in fiscal year 2018. In addition to employees, tradespeople such as self-employed craftsmen also pay the levy.


Cure for the firefighter “susi

Cure for the firefighter 'susi

“Susi” the vehicle is called, but where this name comes from, nobody knows.
The fire engine LF 15, ordered by the municipality of mainleus in 1942, is now almost as it was delivered by the company klockner-humboldt-deutz AG.
The “susi could tell a lot. For example, that shortly before the american invasion on 5. April was hidden in the woods around mainleus in bayreuth to escape the air raids on what is now the market town of mainleus. That it has already been repaired several times for a lot of money. That it has nevertheless become decrepit and has therefore been decommissioned after 25 years of service.
Nevertheless: "susi" was put on the siding with the radio call name 40/2 still far not. Although no longer included in the alerting plan, the vehicle was used again and again for emergency situations, for traffic safety or as a team transport vehicle.
Now "susis" second spring began, because already for a long time chairman thomas zimmermann carried himself with the thought to restore the vehicle: "after consultation with my comrades we decided full of confidence to restore the car for the 70th anniversary of the fire department. Bringing the birthday back on track. The first inventory showed, however, that the renovation of the vehicle is not so simple, but will require a great deal of time and financial effort. The brakes, air dam, mudguard, pushrod and roof attachments had to be completely replaced. Fortunately, the engine was already overhauled a few years ago.

Over 1000 hours of own work

after consultation with the treasurer of the fire department association, the latter signaled that the financial outlay was bearable. All work was to be carried out by the company itself, with over 1000 hours of voluntary work by the floriansjunger.