Strullendorf spills over

Strullendorf spills over

Record attendance! This second october sunday will go down in the history books of the community of strullendorf. The triple combination of autumn and farmers’ market/apple market/old woman’s summer with temperatures above 20 degrees made for visitor numbers that have probably never been reached in strullendorf before. Wherever one inquired, the mark of 20,000 guests (from the entire french area) was classified as realistic.

The whole area and all the roads, except of course the 1200 meters of the market, look like one big parking area. Over long stretches of the eight-hour double market, the strolls along lindenallee and kalterfeldstrabe, and the bamberg sandkerwa, were as busy as the endangered.

"We follow the apple market year after year", a couple from buttenheim brought the magnetic attraction of apples including additional products to the point. And there was also a lot of buying: "my box is full", a bamberger was already pleased half an hour after the market opened, who deliberately bought delicacies such as quince liqueur at the jubilee market (20. Event) searched and found. It also fits into the picture of this double event that at 10 o’clock in the morning, first mayor wolfgang desel and main organizer katharina nublein cut the opening ribbon, and a good three hours later at the corner of lindenallee/am muhlberg, the political celebrities were buried with two dances by the master guards of the RMV concordia and a quartet of the music school.

The chairman of the district association for horticulture and land conservation, gunther denzler, district administrator johann kalb, member of the federal parliament andreas schwarz and first mayor wolfgang desel as hosts were particularly pleased about the arrival of thorsten glauber, state minister for the environment and consumer protection, who after his welcoming speech took a lot of time to track the huge response during a live market stroll. He tasted unusual apple varieties, showed great interest in information from the district association about "native bavarians like the endangered wryneck and tried out the fruit press from 1949 from the OGV melkendorf himself.

"People love regionality, such a market is a jewel of our special cultural landscape. The flow of visitors is an expression of the value that is placed on the district association and the regional producers", the district administrator put it in a nutshell.

Delicious food from the region

"We are really very strict that only regional exhibitors and no wholesalers are on site. This is appreciated by the public, besides the apples we also offer a platform for producers of other regional goods, for example for shepherds and beekeepers", explains district advisor alexandra klemisch this special market form and named alone 80 stands and 14 fruit and horticulture associations, which took over the culinary supply.

Professional information was not neglected either: tree warden werner seiler and fruit inspectors werner nussbaum and herrmann schreiweis had a lot of inquisitive customers throughout the day, who wanted to classify the apples and pears they had brought along on the basis of core, taste, rind and ripening time; no easy task with a total of 3,000 european varieties. Of course, the visitors not only stocked up on apples, the range of products on offer was huge and the open farms, hosted by strullendorf associations, were full to bursting. Who can resist kurbisspezialitaten, bean core with klob and dorrfleisch,, wild boar sausages, french baggers and urradla?

Traditional trumps

This autumn market/apple market tandem was simply unbeatable on this sunny sunday, especially as the traditional trump cards were once again in evidence. Be it the numerous musical contributions of the litzendorfer musikanten and the music club zeegenbachtal, the minigarde performances or the traditional kurbis contest. This year’s winner was jan schellmann with his 51 kilo specimen, followed by alexander reinhold, max schwarzmann and nico wagner, last year’s winner. A real eye-catcher the water wheel built by konrad kestler from zeegendorf also proved to be a great attraction. Not only apple buyers had to work hard to carry the apples, but also the buyers of apple tree trunks, which were in great demand.

By the way, next year the market will be "solo" again. Autumn and farmers’ market in strullendorf, the apple market in memmelsdorf.

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