Santa claus hunt with rough halali

Santa Claus hunt with rough halali

This year, too, the nicholas hunt took place in the forchheim forestry operation, the oesdorf state hunting district of the bavarian state forestry commission. This involves two hunts in the lower marrow and the adelsdorfer marrow in the oesdorf/wimmelbach area up to the hochstadt county border with an area of 2,000 hectares. Deer and wild boar are hunted during the pressure hunt across the hunting grounds, as required by law.

District leader erich daum buried the approximately 200 hunters, divided into 17 groups, at the starting point, the forecourt at the fire station in wimmelbach. As non-hunting guests of honor, landrat hermann ulm and burgermeister gerd zimmer from hausen delivered short greetings at the starting point.

Stephan keilholz from the forchheim forestry operation of the bavarian state forests and hans dittmann, chairman of the BJV forchheim, took an active part in the pressure hunt.

Holla, the forest fairy

As a special guest, daum was pleased to welcome the bavarian forest queen, forester johanna gierl from lower bavaria, as a participant. A total of 27 other female hunters supported their male colleagues.

District hunting advisor erich fiedler underlined the logistical challenge of organizing the hunt. Twice in the morning and in the afternoon the game was hunted for almost two hours each. Dogs are trying to blow up the rotts. Safety, bullet trap, wind direction are only a few of the many aspects to be considered.

Rough organizational performance

Erich daum organized generalstabsmabig emergency services such as police, fire department, veterinarians, rescue chains or aufbrechteam. The aunjetzki disease of the pig, deadly for the dog, is just as much a source of danger as trichinosis or the furrowed swine fever.

"I don’t have 200 hunters every day, which is impressive and yet gives me a sinking feeling", said stephan keilholz in front of the assembled team. He reminded the participants to follow the signs and regulations for safety’s sake.

"We are making our forests fit for the future and are sticking to the forest pact", underlined erich daum. A trusting cooperation between forest farmers and hunters is indispensable.

"The trusting cooperation is demonstrated by the fact that not only do several neighbors hunt with us, but about 80 percent of the 200 invited guests are private hunters, according to daum. The hunt pursues therefore the goal of fulfilling the officially prescribed shooting plan with the deer and in view of the african pig plague, which is dangerous for the domestic stables, to reduce the population of wild boars.

More deer than sows shot

470 deer are currently on the three-year shooting plan in the lower marrow region. After two years, according to daum, 320 were killed. So for the third year we are well on target.

When the day ended, 25 sows and 50 deer had been brought to the line. A year ago, the ratio was exactly the opposite, with 65 sows and 35 deer. Foxes and rabbits were excluded from the hunt in each case. Although daum’s estimate of 60 sows and 40 deer was quite off the mark, he was pleased with the success of the hunt.

During the lunch break, children from the wimmelbach kindergarten came with their parents to see the game that had been shot in the meantime. This is also a part of the reality that you want to deal with.

The bavarian state forestry agency has "made the forests fit for the future" to make it a "fir offensive called in the state forest.

"We are proud of the fact that through our dedicated hunting of the deer in the district of oesdorf also fir trees, oaks and elsbeeren multiply without protection", erich daum sees another meaning of the past day. Stephan keilholz concluded by thanking the participants for their discipline and the smooth running of the event.

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