Police set up mobile video surveillance in coburg’s steinweg

Police set up mobile video surveillance in coburg's steinweg

In view of the accumulation of crimes in coburg’s steinweg, the police prasidium of upper franconia will deploy a mobile video surveillance system there in a two-month test operation. The minister of the interior joachim herrmann informed the coburg CSU member of parliament hans michelbach in a personal letter, as the parliamentarian said on friday in coburg.

The mission in april and may is to study the effect of video surveillance on the development of crimes in the stone road. The delegate had written to mr. Mann in view of the development of the offences in the area of steinweg.

The steinweg is a "relative crime hotspot, which has an above-average burden in coburg, especially in the area of aggressive crimes", wrote herrmann. This applies above all to the period between midnight and 6 a.M. Regardless of the installation of the mobile video surveillance, the stone road remains an essential part of the police situation assessment and operation planning of the police prasidium upper franconia and the police inspection coburg.

Michelbach buried herrmann’s announcement. "This is exactly the right way to stop the negative development in steinweg. I also share the opinion of the minister of the interior that a security guard in our city can make an additional contribution to security", he emphasized.

Herrmann wrote on the subject of security patrols: "i am convinced that in coburg, too, a security patrol can be a valuable addition to the work of the bavarian police and help improve the security situation."

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