On the trail of forest animals

On the trail of forest animals

22 children from the kindergarten of the carl-platz school spent half a day in the herzogenaurach dohnwald forest. Forest ranger heike grumann and trainee frederik hiemenz taught them all kinds of interesting facts about the life of forest animals in winter.
The cold in the woods couldn't hurt the thickly wrapped children. But how do the animals actually protect themselves from the cold in winter?? Sure, some get a dense coat and eat a thick layer of fat in the fall, others look for a hiding place and keep winter sleep or hibernation.

Looking for a warm hiding place

Which hiding place is probably the best to keep warm? The children were given the task of finding a hiding place for a film canister filled with hot water that would keep them as warm as possible. Before that, the temperature of the water was measured: +80 degrees. Then the children went out in teams of two to find good "winter quarters" for their "animal (film canisters). After for all "animals" once a hiding place had been found, the search continued into the forest, where different animal tracks – footprints, looseness and frab traces – could be discovered again and again.
When asked what squirrels do in winter, most children knew the answer: they hibernate, that is, they sleep a lot in their burrow, but they wake up every now and then to eat. In the role of a little squirrel, the after-school children were able to re-enact autumn and winter. Each child was given seven nuts to hide in the forest. Then it was time for the winter rest – to retire to sleep and in between to look for the hidden nuts. Many people realized how hard the struggle for survival in nature can be – not every little squirrel had survived the winter.
Oh yes, what was actually going on with the "animals"? (film canisters), which the children had hidden in the morning? They were taken out of their hiding places on the way back to the forest. Again the temperature of the water was measured. For some, the temperature dropped to 2 degrees, for others only to 9 degrees, depending on how well the hiding place was protected with branches, leaves or earth.
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