North korea: gunboat policy brings no solution

North Korea: gunboat policy brings no solution

If you want to divert attention from internal problems, the best way to rally your own people is to make the threat from an external enemy as dazzling as possible.
And military threat backdrops erected. Whether they are not only potemkin’s villages, however, remains to be seen. Just as the internal dynamics of this bizarre monarchic-communist dynasty are difficult for western observers to assess. Nevertheless, kim jong un and his camarilla could not act irrationally. The regime feels threatened by the U.S., and in his view not without reason. Provocations like the present one – by the way also from the south via military manover – have been part of korean everyday life for years and are ritualized. Alone, whether rational thinking will reign in all phases of the conflict and especially on the side of the young dictator remains doubtful.
The current crisis can only be solved by the intervention of the authorities. Which means for north korea, that china has to call off the alliance. So will the u.S., which will calculate that its gunboat policy only fuels one like kim jong un. Excessive accommodation, on the other hand, is not appropriate. The mullahs in iran will carefully observe the behavior of the west and draw their conclusions.

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