“Hospital” forecourt is being paved

Sandblasted, flamed, sandblasted" – gerhard zedler, head of the building authority, crouches down on the pavement in front of the hospital's former pfortnerhaus and runs his fingers over stone surfaces and joints.
The city council's planning and environment committee met for a site visit at the old hospital construction site to select the paving. Three sample flats have been prepared by employees of the building yard. All granite, but much smoother than the cobblestones previously laid in the city center.

Fubganger friendly

Several committee members carefully test the patterns with their fingertips and by walking over them. The stones appear light, very light, but zedler assures that the material will darken after a while. Even a giebtest is announced. This does not agree with the provisional grouting with fine chippings.
The left pattern, according to zedler, has the straightest edges, therefore it can be laid even with the narrowest interspace. An argument that particularly appeals to manfred hummer (), who as liaison to the OBA (open work for the handicapped) pays special attention to the concerns of the handicapped residents of the city. Because not only once have complaints of handicapped people and wheelchair users landed with the administration that here and there getting ahead is difficult.
"This is the plaster i have been waiting for for years." Manfred mauser (FBF) sums up the opinion of his colleagues. Reinhold otzelberger (SPD) has hardly opened the committee as deputy chairman of the meeting when the city council members are already in agreement: the left-hand pavement, the one with the narrow joints, is the one to go for.

Shell stands

And then there is a pleasant surprise: the unanimously favored paving is the cheapest one. Although it costs 17 percent more than the previously installed paving, the other variants were ten percent more expensive.
The new paving in the spitalstrabe is laid. Where? On the former visitor parking lot in front of the old hospital. Whoever wants to go to the town bookstore in the future will walk over it.
The new construction is progressing. "The building shell will be completed by the end of the month", zedler still pointed out the progress of construction work. If possible, a balcony is to be added to the north side – as a special refuge for users.

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