Cult-kissinger celebrates jubilee

cult-kissinger celebrates jubilee

In normal years there is one event after the other to announce in bad kissingen. It’s very different in the first year corona. It’s more a matter of canceling one event after another. The most recent example of this is minnesang und schwerterklang, popularly known as the burgfest.

The castle festival was celebrated this weekend, even more rudely than usual. In 1220, count otto von botenlauben returned to his castle, bringing his wife beatrix with him to france. This 800-year anniversary had the home association reiterswiesen at the event especially appreciated, if the castle festival had not had to be canceled because of the corona pandemic for this year.

Despite the cancellation: the jubilee in itself sets an important historical marker for bad kissingen and even more so for the district of reiterswiesen. It underlines the city’s connection to otto, the minnesanger, crusader and monastery founder, one of the not so common medieval figures whose memory has survived through the centuries.

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Otto’s life dates are not known to the day. Bad kissingen’s cultural advisor peter weidisch locates his birth "around 1175" in the facets of a town history published almost 20 years ago to mark the 1200th anniversary of the town, the local history society is set on 1175, in the internet encyclopedia wikipedia is from "probably 1177" the speech.

Otto, whose ancestral home was first in henneberg, came to palastina in 1197 as a participant in a crusade. Around 1200 he married there beatrix of courtenay. Until 1220, writes weidisch, otto stayed with her in palastina. The farewell of the two from there is described with regesten, which are summaries of the contents of historical documents, in "otto von botenlauben, minnesanger, crusader, klostergrunder", the first volume of the bad kissinger archivschriften, documented.

Documents document sale

For the year 1220 there are three documents described, which have to do with the sale of the possessions inherited from beatrix in the kingdom of jerusalem to the german order. The sum of 7000 silver marks and 2000 saracen byzantines as well as the settlement of a debt of 3250 byzantines had resulted from the sale, it says. Otto and beatrix, according to weidisch, were thus "very wealthy people" came to ottos homeland.

The local history society refers to this return at the castle festival, above all with a historicizing play. The bailiff of botenlauben writes it and describes according to the program "how the good lord of the castle with his beautiful wife alleviates the hardship of the peasants".

An important poet

Otto has been preserved in the memory of posterity not only by being mentioned in the above-mentioned and later in french documents, but also as a poet. His minnesongs are preserved only in small numbers. But among his contemporaries and in the decades and centuries after his death, his name must have had a good reputation as a minnesanger. The count of botenlauben is not only one of the minnesingers listed in the codex manesse. According to wikipedia, texts by him can be found in the weingartner liederhandschrift, in the small heidelberger liederhandschrift and in the carmina burana.

Otto and beatrix became monastery founders a good ten years after their arrival in franconia. A document from november 1231 proves that the "nobilis vir otto senior comes de botenlouben" and his wife beatrix wanted to endow a nunnery, which was founded in frauenroth. The monastery itself was destroyed long ago, the stone tomb of the couple can still be seen in the monastery church frauenroth. Beatrix and otto sold the castle botenlauben in 1234 for 1200 silver marks to bishop hermann of wurzburg, writes weidisch. In 1525, during the peasants’ war, the aura mob had plundered the castle and set it on fire. Otto and beatrix spent their twilight years in frauenroth and perhaps also in wurzburg, writes weidisch. Otto died in 1244. "Last attested in a document" according to weidisch, he died on 31. July 1244. Presumably he died in the same year, probably in october. His wife did not survive him for long.

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