With the star architect through bad kissingen

with the star architect through bad kissingen

The idea of offering a guided tour with the bavarian star architect max littmann through the buildings he designed met with a rough response. On the occasion of the nostalgia weekend in kissingen, almost 100 interested people wanted to take a look at the otherwise inaccessible sale and get to know the parade buildings in kissingen in detail.

Gerhard wulz, an expert on the history of kissingen, took on the role of the famous architect, and was a real discovery as max littmann. Everything just fit together: love of the home country, sound knowledge of the subject, the ability to formulate exciting ideas and a convincing presentation.

He loves to grow a beard
To come close to the example of the professor from saxony who played such an important role in munich and kissingen, the committed historian had even grown a beard, scoured the theater fundus in mabbach for suitable clothing, put a silver pocket watch in his western pocket and put a pincher on his nose.

The resemblance to the original was striking. The fact that the tour took place on 21. The fact that the event took place on september 1, the day of the master builder's death, was a coincidence, but it fit the picture. The way in which wulz, speaking in the first person, played the confident star architect made the tour a special experience. "I have already seen the exhibition in the old town hall, but today the man really came alive", remarked an enthusiastic rita schmidt from mannheim.

Wulz explained the rapid pace of construction in the only bavarian state baths at the beginning of the 20th century. At the beginning of the 20th century with the demand of the bavarian royal house under the leadership of prince regent luitpold, who in 1905 gave the order for the regent's building with a large festival hall and smaller social rooms.

With a lot of examples and details dear "littmann" he explained and listeners to his ideas, explained the intention, function and style mix of the festival hall, the green hall and the female hall. In between he whimsically recounted his life story. Down to the last detail he cared about everything that had to do with the construction. He did not forget to mention that all the representative lights also came from his drawing pad. "In the ornamental courtyard i wanted to evoke baroque and renaissance italian gardens and i borrowed from greek mythology", he explained and added that of course the banks were also his design. "Nothing goes here without my approval", is quoted.

Littmann's own architectural style
The audience learned that he had found his own direction in the tension between the overlapping architectural currents of historicism and art nouveau in a juxtaposition of different styles. There one finds an agyptian papyrus capital next to a pilaster borrowed from antiquity, and ionic columns are juxtaposed with classicist elements.

The extremely short construction time of three years, while keeping within the budget of 3.5 million gold marks for the kissingen buildings, was astonishing. Today's architects will have to imitate him, said a self-important littmann.

In the fountain hall and the walking hall, wulz demonstrated to the visitors the coarseness of the entire facility. Littmann's rapid ascent was also due to his clever marriage to ida heilmann, the daughter of the rude south german construction company. Because this is the company he joined. The company heilmann and littmann enabled him to live a rough life style, but the saxon by birth kept his creative power, which was carried by utmost discipline, throughout his life.

Littmann" conveyed his outstanding importance as a theater architect then at the spa theater, where he pointed out the groundbreaking innovation of increasing audience numbers: "you have me to thank for that." With a wink, littmann, who has since been appointed a privy councillor, took his leave with the words: "but now i have to set off again to return to munich. In the north cemetery."

The audience thanked gerhard wulz with long and heartfelt applause for two hours of extremely exciting historical information. Laura giesubel-sauer from gelchsheim in the ochsenfurt region, who came to rehab in bad kissingen, said: "I knew some of the rooms, but hearing the story was quite captivating" and gerhard wulz said contentedly: "already, that this has found so rough interest. I enjoyed it."

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