Will to win of the “hawks” rewarded

will to win of the

Martin reichert had a simple explanation at the end: "we simply scored the important goals at the right time today." For the trainer of the ESC habfurt this was one of the keys for the success over the "pirates" of the ESV buchloe. In the 6:4 (2:1, 3:2, 1:1) victory in the intermediate round of the ice hockey regional league, the great morale of the team as well as the unconditional will to win again played a major role. "Unfortunately, we have never been rewarded for this recently. Thank god for today", he was happy with and especially for the team.
And, as has often been the case in recent weeks, the lineup was once again very limited: reichert was able to field just 13 players, plus substitute goalkeeper jens dietz for the first time, since michael tscherepanow was also on the substitutes' bench, weak from the flu. Beforehand: the 27-year-old did his job well. "Outstandingly held, there is nothing to complain about", he therefore received special praise from his trainer. But overall, reichert stressed, it was "just important to win a game again."
It was clear before the start that the guests are already under strong zugzwang in view of the table situation. "Losing forbidden" it was used by reichert's colleague norbert zabel for the relegation-threatened team. Nevertheless, the "freebooters" did not take over, but the home side quickly took command on the ice.

Babkovic presents

First michal babkovic scored the 1:0 highly personal (5.), rather the again to the "player of the evening" the slovakian player of choice set up a perfect pass for jakub sramek, who increased the lead to 2:0 (7.). Naturally, the coldly caught "pirates" urged the team was looking for a quick connection, which they finally managed after several goals against the post and the crossbar. Mario seifert was successful (15.).
The greater will to win was this evening but much to the delight of the only 257 paying spectators on the side of the "hawks". And so captain christian dietrich and his teammates also decided the second section for themselves, after it was literally "back and forth" had gone. Jakub sramek (22.) in a shorthanded game as well as michael breyer and michal babkovic each in an overtime game (27., 40.) ensured with counter goals by tobias kastenmeier (22.) and ladislav marek (36.) for the 5:3 tie.
In the final period habfurts puckjager did not love to take the butter from the bread: after jakub sramek had asserted himself even against fierce buchloer resistance and had scored the 6:3 even on his knees (48.), on the other side only marc weigant managed to overcome jens dietz in the ESC home with a tap-in (53.) with a lot of will and great fighting effort, he and his front men earned the third three in the dovetailing round.

The coach praises the morale

The opponents had "failed to push the goals when they had the chance to do so. And that was also important for us today." The very satisfied martin reichert was happy about the performance of his team, which acted in the last weeks with a similar passion, but often without success. "We never gave up. All the games have shown that we are always with great morale 60 minutes on the road."
ESC habfurt: dietz, tscherepanow – hora, thebus, stahl, marc. Hildenbrand – kinereisch, babkovic, franek, sramek, hummer, dietrich, stach, breyer, vollert / SR: schmidt, freist, kaderabek / spectators: 257 / goals for habfurt: 1:0 (4.) babkovic, 2:0 (7.) sramek (babkovic, stach), 3:1 (22.) sramek (babkovic) 4-5, 4:2 (27.) breyer (babkovic, thebus) 5-4, 5:3 (40.) babkovic (breyer) 5-4, 6:3 (48.) sramek (marc. Hildenbrand) / penalties: habfurt 8 / buchloe 12 plus disciplinary penalty against seifert

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