“We will play until the end”

Twice a year, the commercial director of the landestheater, fritz fromming, reports to the city council on the current situation. In pre-corona times, it was primarily about money, and mostly about a lack of money. In corona times, it's different: despite long negotiations, there was even money left over in 2020. 259,000 euros in special funding has already been paid back to the state, reported fromming.

But the special allocation was much higher: therefore, another 1.5 million euros will go into a special reserve and will be used "for theater purposes" dismantled. The 2022 budget will then be based on the premise that the city will grant a maximum of nine million euros in operating subsidies. The current year has also been difficult: in the spring, nothing worked; the summer theater in the courtyard garden was the only opportunity for the theater to play. In the fall, the security concept was tinkered with so that rehearsals without masks and distance were possible, but the employees were very unsettled, reported fromming. After all, a pool PCR test of 205 employees showed that no one was infected at that time. Fromming sees this as proof that the sanitation measures are working.

Another problem is the corona regulations for the audience," said fromming. "When 2G-plus comes, even the most willing customers will probably stay away", says fromming. The only consolation, if the theater really has to close: short-time work is still possible. "The schedule remains a declaration of intent", said fromming.

Move is imminent


But even if the state theater gets through the corona winter without a closure: after the spring season of 2022, the house at the castle square will no longer be open. Because then the operating license will expire, and the state theater will be closed for a renovation phase lasting several years. "We will play until the end", assured fromming, and they also want to perform in the courtyard garden again. According to the plan, the globe at the guterbahnhof should be ready as an alternative venue in october of next year, and with even more luck, the round building can be used in the fall as well. "It must first be made operational", said fromming.

At the moment, he does not expect any major delays in construction. But even if there is the gift: "the gross haus will not reopen." The reithalle could be used for spoken theater in the transitional period, and the kongresshaus for concerts. Musical theater will only be possible again when the globe is available.

Guest appearances in "side trip" locations there will be, for example, in furth, but a tour is not an alternative, because organizationally not feasible, said fromming. "This must be produced, this needs infrastructure." However, the stage technology is expected to be busy with the move to the globe starting in september 2022. 

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