The honorary wegewart as cancer therapy

The honorary wegewart as cancer therapy

Behind the traffic circle and then the fifth field path on the left: district 36, somewhere near ebensfeld. A young woman gets out of her car, takes a vehicle out of the trunk and immediately pulls it behind her into nature. She looks, paces distances, glances around and sometimes wrinkles her nose. It's saturday and she will be out in the field for a few hours to make markings. Then christiane acker, from lichtenfels, is completely at ease, contributing in her own way to the rejuvenation of her new home and not giving her cancer a second thought.

The seventh appointment in her district takes her to the muhlen hiking trail. Also. Here, along this stretch, several hiking trails intersect. The number 9 indicates the muhlenwanderweg, it will be crossed by the jakobsweg further up, to the right of kutzenberg and across to prachting. But who knows exactly?? Not already for a region that claims to be a hiking region. To remedy this situation, the district office and schettler consulting, a limited partnership specializing in questions of infrastructure for recreation and tourism, are cooperating.

When christiane acker orders utensils for her work as a trail warden, they are sent to her by mail. Trail maps, glue, hedge clippers, branches, brushes – tools for a volunteer task. The pharmaceutical-technical assistant, who is currently taking a year of rest to recover, also has to read up on her work. "Seven green rules the schettler consulting KG has issued for the hiking trail wardens. There are supposed to be 60 of them in the district, spread over 45 hunting grounds.

No uniform district structure
Since the 9. August 2013 she is on the move in her assigned territory. It is not a uniform structure, but is crisscrossed by fields, ditches, villages and rivulets. After all, between ebensfeld, ober- und unterbrunn and zapfendorf, christiane acker makes many of nature's bounties. She was looking for a meaningful activity during her career break, she says. Then it stieb on the reference, after which wanderwegwarte were looked for. "No need to go to the gym. I can pursue my passion for hiking, discover new trails, meet interesting people and do something good at the same time", the humorous woman sums up what she does. Originally from thuringia, she calls the land around the main river home. For her sake, too, she sets out on the path.

Every 200 meters, the KG recommends, markers should be installed. Highly visible and frontal to the trail, so that they always catch the hiker's eye, no matter in which direction he or she is currently traveling. The left side hardly comes into consideration on this section of the 36 precinct. Meadows, fields and cornfields are no good as a background for marker badges to be glued on. The right side of the path that leads to the south, the sooner. Forest stand. What else is growing there is familiar to the 36-year-old. Sloes, hawthorn, thistles, nettles – her knowledge of botany is high.

Winter is the time to take a break
their pants are long. Self-protection. In her vehicle, a two-wheeled shopping cart, she carries all kinds of stuff. In a side pocket there is a container with water, in which the badges are dipped for soaking, so that they can be pulled off more easily. She has also touched glue. It is a small weak point, because it only sets at 15 degrees, her trail walking will probably rest over the winter months. "I must therefore see to it that I finish in good weather", she sums up. Christiane acker also carries a wagner's knife and a wire brush. She has to smooth the bark of the trees first in the places where she makes marks. "Every 200 meters I have to set a sign at the latest. When the hiking trails through a village passed every 25 to 50 meters because of the crossing areas", she explains.

She has already climbed over 3000 meters. "Along the wall", as christiane acker still prazisierend to her previous life as an active mountain hiker, also in the high mountains, adds. "Crossed the alps of allgau and lechtal and crossed the alpine chain", are your successes.

"I needed it back then to test my limits," the young woman adds, the young woman adds. She can set the pace. Quite and still. Still, she has found a time-consuming volunteer job. One kilometer can take an hour and a half, which is why her daily work "never exceeds 2.5 kilometers" to go out. The trees that are suitable for marking have to be found first. And if they are, there may still be a clear cut to be made for a clear view. On rough terrain. Christiane acker gets to decide where to cut the line, and the 36-year-old has done a lot of reading for that, too. To not damage trees more than necessary.

She also has anecdotal stories to tell. "One of them wanted to check with the district office to see if it was correct", she tells. The man must have liked the fact that she says and glues to trees. Currently, she says, she is creating an archive in her computer. In the event of a case, she wants to prove to the authorities where she has already been and which stretches are still open. This will help her herself, because she will also be responsible for the hiking trails in the future. Volunteer.

Today's markings may have faded and become overgrown by next year. Then christiane acker went back to her training ground 36. Volunteer.

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