The ac lichtenfels lacks options

The ac lichtenfels lacks options

In the penultimate match of the season bundesliga sudost went for the wrestlers of AC lichtenfels auswarts on the mat. At FC erzgebirge aue the ACL had a hard time without rumen savchev, achim thumshirn, andrzej sokalski and the long term absentees in the heavyweight division. Ersatzgeschwacht lost the acler with 7:22. The points in the erzgebirge were won by ahmed duman, hannes wagner and tobias schutz.

57 kg, greek-roman: used in the wrong style, karen zurabvn (ACL) had a hard time against mariusz los. Zurabyan quickly became defensive and defeated.The auer managed to score more to 7:0 at the break. After a throw in the second round the fight came to an early end. (0:4)

130 kg, freestyle: after an unlucky start christoph meixner (ACL) was chasing the first score against ilja matuhin. In the second round and better adjusted to the opponent meixner looked superior and scored himself. But it was not enough to win. (0:6)

61 kg, freestyle: ahmet duman got the first point for the ACL against said gazimagomedov. After an early deficit, the acler turned the fight with a score of two. After the interruption it was duman who presented himself more active. With another armpit throw, the first one repelled by the auer, duman provided the first victory for the ACL. (4:6)

98 kg, greek-roman: hannes wagner (ACL) put the pressure on from the start against the much rougher and heavier rolf linke and scored the first four points with an arm move. By the arranged ground position and a erkampfte upper layer wagner put on 7:0.

In the second round the ACL points guarantor remained on top. The referee spoke wagner but surprisingly passive, the acler had to go to the ground and was turned there. That made three team points for AC lichtenfels only two. (6:6)

66 kg, greek-roman: after a series of different scores it was philipp herzog (aue) who went into his corner with the clearly better starting position against lichtenfels’ mario petrov. Half a round after the break the fight was over prematurely. (6:10)

86 kg, freestyle: a surprise was missed by darius mayek. The man from lichtenfels overcame the spin of aue’s franco buttner, secured the score of two and kept his opponent in the dangerous position. The host broke free from this, went into the break with a lead and ended the fight early in round 2. (6:14)

71 kg, freestyle: krum chuchurov (ACL) went on the offensive against krzysztof bienkowski, secured a score of two and shortly thereafter added to the score of 4:0 at the break. Back on the mat, the weight difference was noticeable. After an elapsed time of activity, the auer recorded the first point, before securing the upper hand and the subsequent scores to 9:4. (6:16)

80 kg, greek-roman: tobias schutz (ACL) put francis weinhold under pressure, forced his opponent to make a mistake and used the situation for a successful swing hold. In a controversial decision by the referee, the ACL was awarded only two points instead of four. From a head clamp raised schutz to 5:1. Due to passivity, in the second round the ordered ground went to the host, before the impartial awarded the auern again two points due to inactivity of the lichtenfelser. After a strong performance and in front of the eyes of the youngsters, the 5:4 victory was closer than expected. (7:16)

75 kg, greek-roman: johannes lurz (ACL) quickly ran after the points against krisztian jager. The auer greek specialist wrestled freely in his style and collected enough points to win before the break. (7:20)

75 kg, freestyle: alexander ender (ACL) had with jakob barth an opponent on eye level. After a good start it was barth who went 4:0 in front, before the lichtenfelser shortened to 3:4. At the beginning of the second round it was again the host who pulled away. Visibly exhausted, barth collapsed and ender scored a four among others. Before the lichtenfelser turned the fight, ender but ran out of time. (7:22) dm

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