Thanks to the parent guides

Thanks to the parent guides

"Before we protested for a long time, we took matters into our own hands."This is what bernhard schmitt thought together with some like-minded people. And to make their children’s journey to school safer, they launched a parent guide initiative. That was 20 years ago. Since then, a total of 110 parents from groblangheim have helped schoolchildren cross the street at the crossing between robgasse and kranzerweg. Now the community thanks the volunteers for their efforts.

In winter, when it’s cold and dark in the morning, they stand in their orange warning vests with a trowel in their hand and hold up the traffic so that the children can safely pass the busy street. Actually, the initiators wanted to have a traffic light or at least a crosswalk installed at that time. But there was not enough traffic for that back then. There is now an abundance of it. The parent guides exert an educational effect on their post: not only the children feel the effects, but also the car drivers slow down at this point, female bernhard schmitt

Angelika droll and gabriele hack are also on the post this tuesday morning. Wrapped up thickly against the cold and supplied with hot tea, they are on the job for about an hour. The procedure is always the same: shortly before 7 a.M., the two buses arrive for the onward journey to kleinlangheim and wiesentheid. Until everyone gets in here, chaos reigns a bit. Especially when fresh snow invites them to romp around, there is hardly any stopping the children. When the buses have left, there’s a short break. Time for tea and small talk. There’s also time to get to know the other person, who may still be a little unfamiliar to you.

Why are parents willing to do this service? The explanation is simple at first: "for the children," says gabriele hack, "because you want to protect them and be a role model for them."Angelika droll is part of it, "because there was a need for it. If the list had been full, I had not signed up. But because they were looking for people, i took part."The start of the pilot service often went hand in hand with the enrollment of one’s own children in school.

It’s an organizational challenge, since everyone at home often has to get ready for the day at the same time as the job is being done. But there are also pilots who do not have school children. Otto rau, for example, has also been involved since his retirement. The former teacher is aware of the dangers of the way to school and is therefore happy to help out. From the beginning until today, and thus next to bernhard schmitt, the most senior is mechtild sterk. For them it is a matter of course to direct traffic twice for a week on the road.

Oldest initiative in lower franconia

So much commitment and dedication must be rewarded, so the municipality of groblangheim and the traffic police invited active and former pilots to a celebration on tuesday. Mayor karl hochner said he was proud and grateful for the "service to children" and above all for the commitment of bernhard schmitt, who is still the driving force behind the initiative today. Alfons saugel represented the traffic police of kitzingen, which is responsible for instructing the guides and also provides advice and assistance throughout the district. He explained that the groblangheim initiative is one of the oldest of its kind, and with 37 active pilots, it currently has the most pilots listed. Christine lutz and daniela grober were honored for their service over the past ten years.

The past 20 years of the groblangheim parent guides have passed without accident. And so it is not surprising that the wish of everyone on this evening could only be that it stays that way.

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