Situation on the roads concerns the burghers

situation on the roads concerns the burghers

Road safety is an issue, especially in the dark season, as was shown at the town hall meeting in burkardroth. Fogged-up traffic mirrors, worn markings, speed bumps and road damage cause some burgers concern.

"It’s the same every morning in autumn and winter: the traffic mirrors are fogged up or frozen. Must there be an accident first?", asked helmut schneider from wollbach. For him the situation is incomprehensible, after all, there are heated mirrors. According to the head of the burkardroth town council, waldemar bug (odp), traffic mirrors are merely auxiliary devices. "The basic principle is that i leave an intersection in such a way that i have a view of the traffic." Nevertheless the administration wants to investigate what possibilities there are to solve the problem.

Road markings are faded

The citizens of burkardroth also need to improve road markings, for example along the "untere marktstrabe" or on the connecting road between premich and wollbach. "We made the connecting road three years ago – and are still working on it. At the moment it is not possible due to the weather", said bug. The mayor therefore referred to the spring and summer of next year. In the area of the "lower marktstrabe" the municipality is against it auben vor. It is a state road. "So we pass on the information", bug emphasized.

The citizens of burkardroth also have safety concerns because of reckless drivers in the marketplace or speeders in the area of the "forstmeisterstrabe". Permitted in the "forstmeisterstrabe in sections no more than 30 km/h. In seven days in december last year, the market burkardroth measured the speed of a total of 7712 vehicles there. "54 percent of road users were speeding", said bug. The top runner reached a speed of 79 km/h.

Larmbelastigung for the residents

But it’s not just the speed that residents see as a problem. "To drink a coffee on the balcony in peace or read the newspaper is not possible because of the noise", a concerned person brought forward. A citizen even took measurements using a smartphone app. This had resulted in over 100 decibels. Bug pointed out that there would be a meeting with the police and the district administration office in november to discuss the issue.

The burgers were also critical of the condition of the strawberries. For potholes and similar minor damage, employees of the municipality’s building yard are responsible. The situation is different along the "strict tur" and the "bergstrabe from. The track is in poor condition. However, there is work to be done on the canal and gas network, which is why the municipality wants to clock the different trades. "Then we don’t have to re-write the road again", said the second mayor, daniel wehner (CSU), to this newspaper.

A construction project that is about to be implemented is the extension of the tannerkeller in the town center of burkardroth. This is to be used, for example, for VHS courses, festivals or exhibitions. The municipality is currently waiting for the plans and a cost estimate from the planning office. In the upcoming meeting of the market town council on 12. November the committee discusses the aspects that burgers have brought to the attention of the administration.

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