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Ifi walls could talk, then they certainly had exciting stories in store: they have experienced the most bizarre situations, seen generations grow out of each other and know one or the other secret that was discussed behind closed doors. The iatros publishing house and the coburg authors' group schreibsand wanted to know what stories french walls could possibly tell. For the anthology "french – when walls could talk" they were looking for short stories in which the authors did the talking for the wall. A total of 18 entries made it into the collection – and the five best made it into the final round of the second french short story prize, which was awarded in gestungshausen on saturday afternoon.
The fifth bid" also made it into the final round made by heinz fuchs from sonnefeld. In this story, the retired doctor lets a very special wall have its say: the partition in one of the confessionals in vierzehnheiligen. The tells about the day when he heard the confession of the eight-year-old emmilie. "Actually, I have always enjoyed writing, but in the past I simply didn't have the time", explains heinz fuchs. Since he had handed over his practice to his son, he could now make up for it. "The german language is unbelievable already – and it makes me fun to paint pictures with it", he tells. Last year, one of his stories was published for the first time in the anthology of the first french short story prize, and then his first book was published.

Very emotional speech

The idea of "the fifth commandment" had come up relatively quickly after reading the title of the call for entries. "In a confessional very emotional speeches take place – there this offered itself perfectly", he explains. And he had also quickly developed the protagonist: "i found the idea interesting that the partition tells a child's confession, and since i have grandchildren who are about the same age, i could quite easily put myself in emmelie's world of thought and assess her behavior well." From the first idea to the finished story took ten days. "Included is of course also a visit to vierzehnheiligen, so that I could make my descriptions even more authentic", says heinz fuchs.
But even authors who are not originally from france were able to send in their stories. One of them is petra weise. She actually lives in chemnitz, but feels very connected to franken. "Every year i go on vacation in france with my husband", she tells. She became aware of the region through a television report. "Then it was said that franconia is a region of pleasure and we thought: this is exactly the right thing for us", declares them. And now she is always drawn back to the region, and she is particularly fond of french-speaking switzerland. "It looks almost like our erzgebirge – but the landscape has more open flats and there are numerous opportunities to stop for a bite to eat after the hike," he says, tells it. And so, of course, enjoyment is not neglected on her trips to franconia: "we especially like these inns with their own breweries – they always serve really good beer." And she immediately thought of these hosts when she read about the invitation to tender. "These inns have seen a wide variety of visitors from all over germany, each with his own life story and idiosyncrasy. I really wanted to write that down," says, she tells.

Winning with the pub

The second french short story prize was finally awarded to margit begiebing for "unser werdshaus" won. The story in french dialect finally managed to inspire both the authors' group schreibsand around author heidi fischer, who had made the preselection, and the visitors. The author had a very special inspiration for her entry. "Everyone is talking about the death of the pub and now the pub in our village has also been hit", she tells. For over 100 years the village community had met there and now it is being torn down. "I wanted to at least immortalize it in my story", they explain.
"It's just a shame that we had to spontaneously change our plans this year in terms of space – we lost some authors who had also wanted to come along, and that must have put off some of the visitors, tells awad eckstein from iatros-publishing house. Nevertheless, he said he was relieved that they had found an alternative at short notice in the form of the sports center in gestungshausen: "that was really quick and unbureaucratic."

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