People from leutenbach celebrate their herb consecration

people from Leutenbach celebrate their herb consecration

The people of leutenbach celebrated the ascension day service in the garden of the local orchard and gardening association. There could hardly be a more fitting place for the herb consecration.

Franz roth has opened the garden for the service. With the support of the french-swiss association (FSV), he has been cultivating this piece of earth with great dedication for years. Nature and plant lovers are always drawn to the garden, located on the fub of walberlas.

43 different herbs
In bright weather an unusual number of believers had come to the club garden. Many may have inwardly agreed with pastor alfred beiber when he spoke in his sermon of the vereinsgarten as a small paradise in which god had left his mark. Leutenbach likes to remember its rough tradition on such occasions.

Many colorful costumes delighted the eyes of the visitors. Agnes hacklein from the FSV group had tied the root bushes with many helpers", she said. "We have collected 43 different herbs. Most of them are found here in the garden, agnes hacklein reported proudly.

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