New rough crib on the chapel hill

New rough crib on the chapel hill

A new christmas crib has also moved into ebern’s kapellenberg this year – a rough crib.

"Albert (kuhn) has always had a small nativity scene here", tells klaus bayersdorfer and points to the back of the chapel. This was already, but still quite inconspicuous. And especially in this special year, in which the chapel has become a point of attraction for many, klaus bayersdorfer and his comrades-in-arms matthias weinfurtner and robert lurz wanted to bring joy to the people during the christmas season. This is how the idea for this crib matured.

"The cellar houses were originally intended for the rough crib in the church, but they are too rough for that", reports robert lurz. So one idea led to another, and just in time for the first advent, a new nativity scene was erected on "ebern’s holy hill.

Currently the picture shows the score. "We want to build up different representations so that there is always something to see here", supplements matthias weinfurtner.

That this project makes the trio coarse joy, one notices in the speech fast. Hardly they stand at the crib, it goes with new ideas: "there we had to" and "we could do it either way". They lovingly decorate the figures and take care of every detail.

Her enthusiasm jumped over to eight-year-old annemarie during a visit. The girl likes to show and explain everything exactly.

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