Man from forchheim in the dock with a smell of alcohol

man from forchheim in the dock with a smell of alcohol

A 26-year-old man from forchheim, who had beaten and injured another visitor at the annafest on father's day, was sentenced by the district court of forchheim to four months' imprisonment without parole. The trainee had wanted to have a nice day with friends at the schossla cellar, but probably just drank too much.

After the seventh weizenbier he had looked through the "bose gschau" a 33-year-old festival visitor, completely unknown to him until then, felt burdened, he stated in court. He could not really explain to himself what was going on in his drunken head.

Five centimeters long scar
In any case, he got up and went to the other's table. There he gave the unsuspecting man such a violent blow to the back of the head that his surprised victim fell forward onto his own beer mug.

The result was a heavily bleeding laceration on the head, which had to be sutured at the hospital in forchheim. For a week a rough bruise was visible and the pain was so severe that the man could not pursue his profession as a painter and varnisher. A scar five centimeters long on the right forehead will remain and will forever remind him of the incident.

Less good was the recollection of the witnesses during the trial. Most had consumed at the time of the crime on the cellars also plentifully alcohol and were auberdem too far away from the happening. In the end, it was no longer clear whether the perpetrator had struck with his bare hand, as he himself claimed, or with a beer glass, as indicated by the shards of glass on the victim's clothing.

More lenient penalty
Deputy stefan meyer, who took over the role of the prosecutor, followed the legal principle of "in case of doubt for the accused". The charge of dangerous bodily injury was reduced to a normal bodily injury, which had a mitigating effect on the sentence.

Judge silke schneider also credited the defendant for his confession, his remorse and his somewhat awkward attempts to apologize to the victim.

On the other hand, the court took a negative view of the fact that the perpetrator had not done anything to deal with his alcohol problem.

The defendant even appeared in the courtroom with a clearly perceptible alcohol smell from the day before and 20 minutes late for the hearing. The police file also revealed a previous conviction for bodily injury, for which the preservation period is still running. Alcohol was also involved at the time.

So public defender martin gelbricht asked in vain for renewed preservation. His client will have to serve a four-month sentence in jail. There he will be given the opportunity to take part in an addiction prevention program.

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