Knowing how it grows and tastes in the coburg region

Knowing how it grows and tastes in the coburg region

"Children eat what they like. Above all, children love subes. This preference is innate, so that babies have an appetite for the slightly sublime mother's milk", this is what the brochure on infant nutrition from the amt fur ernahrung, landwirtschaft und forsten coburg says. She belongs to a course that should appeal especially to young mothers. A dozen young women are at work in the office's teaching kitchen, where lecturer kerstin haas shows them how to turn the theory in the brochure into practice for the table at home. Among the ingredients: our monthly vegetable, pointed cabbage.
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"It is also called sugar loaf", explains nutritionist kerstin haas. This is explained by the form. It tastes however also actually clearly more sublicher, than the name pointed cabbage lets expect. Because cabbage was probably not an idea for most people when it comes to cooking for small children. "The pointed cabbage is much more contractual than normal female cabbage, gentler on the stomach and milder in taste, even slightly sublich ", kerstin haas describes the projects to be.
And: "it is very healthy, for example it contains a lot of vitamin C", she explains. 60 milligrams of the vitamin are contained in 100 grams of pointed cabbage.

Easier to process

Kerstin haas prepares one of these cabbage heads in the shape of a sugar loaf together with sarah hornung. The ouber foliage is removed. Then the cabbage is cut into small pieces. "This is much better than with weibkohl for example", explains kerstin haas. While the cabbage is cut and steamed in butter, the tagliatelle is cooking on the stove. Halved small tomatoes come with cream to the cabbage in the pan and stew briefly. Then the noodles are added, a few wasabi peanuts are roughly chopped and sprinkled on top – ready is a delicious dish that can be prepared quickly and easily and is guaranteed to taste really good, and not just for kids. The cabbage noodles go very well with a turkey or chicken steak, but can also be eaten without meat.
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