“Kerwa-starter-party” takes place in breitbrunn

The evangelist matthaus is the "churchwarden" in breitbrunn, and that is why the congregation celebrates the consecration of the church at the weekend. The church, built of local sandstone, stands out from the houses of breitbrunn on a small hill, visible from afar. At the kerwa there is an amusement park for the children and young people.

Breitbrunn once belonged to the original parish of stettfeld. In the middle ages the pastor of stettfeld came twice a year to breitbrunn to celebrate services. This is what is written in the "history of the parish" by nobert kandler. That was on the patron saint of the apostle st. Matthaus and on the feast of the consecration of the church, the sunday after petri vincula.

An order of service from 1613 has the remark: "braitbrun, sosten in die pfarr stettfeld gehorig, hernachmals aber der pfarr kirchlauter einverleibt ist." Around 1615, the parish priest of kirchlautern was instructed for a time to celebrate the church service in breitbrunn. In this year also the first baptism is to be found in the kirchlauterer matrikeln.

The parish of kirchlauter was founded in 1446, but only after 1600 were the branches of breitbrunn, edelbrunn, hermannsberg and kottendorf assigned to it. Between 1808 and 1810 the parish is even part of the diocese of bamberg and only comes back to wurzburg when the bistums are reorganized.

This parish union lasted for more than 400 years, until it was renamed some time ago to the parish community maintal – heilige lander, kirchlauter with ebelsbach, stettfeld, steinbach and schonbach.

With fubball district derby

Currently the tower of the st.-matthaus church renovated on the west side. The patrocinium was already celebrated on the previous sunday. This weekend, the "secular" church service will take place kerwa instead. Church consecration service is at 10 a.M. Since pubs in breitbrunn have also closed down in recent years, the vfr hermannsberg-breitbrunn has increased the activities in its sports center. Today, friday, there is roast bock. At 8 p.M. The "kerwa-starter-party" takes place. Also on the other days there are kirchweih specialties.

Sporting highlight on sunday, 23. September, starting at 3 p.M. The fubball-kreisklassenderby of the vfr against the TSV kirchaich. 

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