“Honorary break for ebern bjv district group chairman sieghortner

"Hunting is always on fire", emphasized the vice president of the bavarian hunting association, enno piening. At the nature show of the ebern district group in memmelsdorf, he spoke extensively on the subject of wolves. Piening contradicted those who talk about only 200 wolves in germany: the figures of the hunting association already amounted to 1200 wolves. The low numbers were controlled by nature conservation organizations. In addition, a problem with the wolf is that it enjoys a special protection status at the european level and "some things also fail because of brussels".

The BJV vice president referred to the beaver problem in bavaria. Years ago, no one thought about how sensible it is to spread the beaver so widely "that it is now even appearing in the spa gardens in bad kissingen".

Piening appealed to politicians not to always look only at the electorate when making decisions, but also to look at the people who have to deal with them. This also included the hunters.

With regard to the african swine fever (ASF), he was glad that he was not a pig farmer, because then he would feel abandoned. He also views plans for prevention with skepticism. For him, the facts were that ASF was mainly transmitted by the human factor and that the virus had been transferred to belgium. There is a danger that swine fever is spread through food.

The same applies to organic farming "where small game has decreased". More tillage is done here, one goes "with the harrow over it" and this is anything but good for the ground breeders and can not be the solution. He could warm up to a model project from the rhon, where more emphasis was placed on herbaceous plants, thus achieving an increase in species diversity. "Whoever says goodbye to corn and uses herbaceous mixtures for it, should get a challenge. These mixtures are also milled later and do not require tillage."

Recreational activities in the woods

For the communal politics, mayor helmut dietz spoke a grubwort, in which he also addressed the competition situation between hunters, foresters, agriculture and hikers. With astonishment one must determine that ever more leisure activities in the forests take place. In the evening at 7.30 o'clock in the evening, and dog owners were out until late or very early in the morning. The hunters also have a role to play in preserving biodiversity, which is why they need to work together so that the forest can grow and develop.

Veterinarian werner hornung said about the african swine fever: "we must do everything to prevent it from coming to germany and bavaria." But they had prepared themselves for what to do if such an event should occur, and a core team of 15 people had already been formed in the district administration office to rescue dead animals.

Wolfgang lappe provided information on the game collection points in habfurt and ebern. This is a precaution in order to be prepared for the worst case scenario. He asked for cleanliness around the collection point.

Forestry advisor hans stark spoke of a very good shooting performance in his report on the 2018/19 ranges. The number of foxes shot was significantly higher, namely 262, but the 295 hares were a "laughable distance" compared to earlier. There is also hardly any hunting of partridges any more.

Stark also surprised with a historical review with figures from the forestry office sailershausen from the years 1793 to 1802 compared to the years from 2009 to 2018. If in this ten-year-period at that time only 144 roe deer were shot, it is now 2642. So you can't say that there are fewer deer now. With the wild boar the number is even more dramatic, because at that time there was no wild boar here at all, while now 864 have been shot. With the rabbits, however, it is exactly the opposite: at that time, 2045 rabbits came to the line, whereas now there are only 246.

Further honors

Loyalty pins of the BJV were awarded to roland rosler (for 65 years), karl-otto von deuster (60 years), heinrich rennert (50 years) as well as karin korn, josef schafhauser and klaus schindhelm (40 years).

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the hunting horn blowing group, rainer wild was honored as a founding member. Fabian dinkel and michael aschenbrenner received the loyalty pin for ten years of service in the blower group.

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