Hebdorf wants to operate the pumping station in hannberg itself

The conclusion of a contract with the water treatment company of the city of erlangen gave rise to discussions in the hebdorf municipal council. As mayor horst rehder (BB) explained, a draft contract for the operation of the hannberg pumping station with pressure line is available, because the clearing plant in hannberg will cease its operation and the wastewater facility will be connected to the city of erlangen.
The special-purpose agreement stipulates that the pumping station and the connecting pipeline will become the property of the municipality free of charge ten years after they are put into operation. The operational management of the plants is the responsibility of the water treatment company and the costs incurred are invoiced to the municipality on an annual basis. The subject of the current contract is the transfer of the ongoing operation of the pump station with pressure line to the municipality.

Administration sees potential for savings

In the opinion of the administration, this would also make sense for reasons of cost savings, because the municipality also has professionally qualified personnel and on-site management could in any case be handled more cost-effectively. In this connection CSU-councillor stefan martin missed reliable figures about the costs of the operation and pleaded for determining the costs first. In addition, it was questioned whether the employees of the building yard would be able to carry out the work at all for capacity reasons, as there were always complaints about staff shortages. Erwin balsam, who was in charge of the building yard, was able to reassure the municipal council members that the building yard already takes care of the pumps distributed in the municipal area, and that the often time-consuming maintenance work will no longer be necessary when the hannberger clearing plant is shut down.

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