Fw-wgu wants to solve problems constructively

Chairman helmut bergmann emphasized at the members’ meeting of the -WGU that the group’s sole aim is to achieve the best for untersteinach. "In untersteinach, everything takes nine years", he described his experience with politics in the municipality. With it nothing or everything goes only slowly. An example: "the hummendorf bridge was decided nine years ago and was available for 300,000 to 400,000; now we finally have it, but for three times the price."

It was constantly heard that the municipality was overburdened, bergmann said. That is why there can be no meeting of the wastewater association this year. The municipality should take advantage of the favorable interest rates to solve pressing problems such as water supply and road rehabilitation.

Markus weigel expressed a similar opinion. After the separation of the untersteinach civic community, he was the only remaining councillor of the . His always well-researched proposals were rejected by the committee – probably as a matter of principle, he speculated. He recalled the long, petty discussion about his proposal to create a barrier-free town hall.

He had once set out to change untersteinach for the better, but he sees that he is always running into a wall. Mayor volker schmiechen did not deal with the proposals at all, weigel regretted.

"The election is over."

He rejected the accusation that he had not yet come to terms with the result of the municipal election: "the election is over, and so is the swimming pool affair. We should now work constructively on the problems that need to be solved."

Klaus purucker called on the WGU to "fight on as a team". Constant dripping hollows the stone. For helmut bergmann a difficult undertaking, if there is only rejection on the part of the SPD in the municipal council and no interest in cooperation on the part of the CSU.

A statement on the "preservation of the pressecklein fountain" gave tobias eichner. "Unfortunately, we are always getting stones in our path. Not only from the municipal administration, he said.

Appeal to the county council

He asked the free voters for their support and addressed "in particular district administrator klaus peter sollner, who … He is also positioned in various committees, in which he could bring about a lot of positive things with his influence. Eichner invited sollner to "take an objective look at the issue of ‘local water supply’".

Tobias eichner, klaus orbitz, klaus purucker, saskia bergmann, edeltraut pohlmann and inge bergmann were elected to the extended board of directors. Helmut bergmann was confirmed as chairman, markus weigel as his deputy, inge ramming as secretary and werner ramming as treasurer..

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