Frohsinn celebrates “with full house” 125. Birthday

Frohsinn celebrates 'with full house' 125. Birthday

Enthusiastic listeners, who actively participated, a "full house and choral singing at a high level – the burglaurer gesangverein frohsinn celebrated a glittering birthday party for its 125th anniversary in the rudi-erhard hall.
"No looking back, but to the here and now" was the motto of the chairwoman elke back, who proudly stated: "even after 125 years we still exist, more active than ever before. We maintain a good choral community and present ourselves in excellent form at our performances and, most importantly, we have always had a lot of fun singing." With view of the high level of her singing association she also emphasized the excellent work of the new conductor albina makiew, who had done an outstanding job in the short time of her work. Elke back kept her speech short and to the point to give the audience as much musical enjoyment as possible.

At the end of the concert, elke back presented the hall bet, which the singing club (gladly) lost with a crash. In reference to the legendary "bet that …" Bet back that "the people of burglauer can’t get 125 people on stage singing the frankenlied together". The stage was too small for the numerous listeners, who strived for the podium together with the singers of the chorus. Afterwards there was the promised free drink.

"Music is the common language that unites all people, regardless of nationality, and gives joy together", praised mayor kurt back. And peter kolb, chairman of the sangerkreis schweinfurt, aptly noted that the statement "we have no more singers" incorrect as long as parents continue to introduce their children to music.

The successful jubilee song afternoon with excellent musical contributions by the choruses was contributed to by the host singing society frohsinn under the direction of albina makiew, the mannerchor of the liedertafel munnerstadt under the direction of annemarie kreuzer, the mixed choir of the music society heufurt under the direction of susanne bambach, the gollmuthshausen choir under the direction of ellen kneuer, the bischofsheim mixed choir under the direction of matthias enders, the solala bischofsheim under the direction of albina makiew, the bischofsheim mixed choir and the solala bischofsheim together, and the valentin rathgeber choir oberelsbach under the direction of diana hinze at.

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