Evidence of crocodile in bavarian lake intensifies

Evidence of crocodile in bavarian lake intensifies

At the same time, there is growing evidence that the sighted lake dweller could in fact be a crocodile. Already at the beginning of july, a 44-year-old woman is said to have had a brief but violent encounter with the animal, the police announced on monday.

The woman had swum in the shore area to her drifted air mattress, when suddenly an about one meter long animal with a long tail had swum over her. She suffered a seven-centimeter-long scratch wound in the process.

Last saturday, a walker had noticed the animal on the shore and immediately alerted the police. Since then, the rescue teams have been searching for the reptile in the middle of klausen lake – but without success so far. Whether and when the search will continue, the city of schwandorf could not say at first.

But the officials had already received some tips from the nurnberg zoo. The main danger comes from the claws and the teeth of the animal. The deputy director of the zoo, helmut magdefrau, said: "the animal is as dangerous as a naughty dachshund. When they stay, it hurts naturally. But it doesn’t kill you."The city has issued a bathing ban for the middle klausen lake.

If the crocodile is actually found and caught, the nurnberg zoo wants to take it in for the time being. Police spokesman thomas hecht believes the crocodile is not a phantom. And he has a good explanation for exotics in the local swimming lake. "It is quite possible that a pet owner lost interest in the reptile and simply abandoned it." In the district of schwandorf, in the green lake of schwarzenfeld, crocodile alarm had already been sounded almost five years ago. However, no reptile was found at that time.

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