Eiban and jabiri keep fc 05 on track

Eiban and jabiri keep fc 05 on track

FC 05 schweinfurt – FC 04 ingolstadt II 4:1 (2:0). Goals: 1:0 lukas billick (35.), 2:0, 3:0 adam jabiri (36., 48.), 3:1 patrick hasenhuttl (59., penalty), 4:1 florian trinks (79.).

In the era of countless draws, FC-05 coach timo wenzel had always longed for the positive series. Now, with the 4:1 (2:0) win over FC ingolstadt II, it’s perfect for the first time: three games, three wins, a competition that this time only drew collectively, second in the table – things are going well for the schweinfurt team. Even though they had to try their luck in spite of all the quality.

The top-quality rating was earned not only by the offensive department, but also by a player from schweinfurt who is responsible for preventing goals: alexander eiban. "I would like to thank him today, he was the best player on the pitch, we won this game because of him", coach timo wenzel praised his keeper, who saved a penalty, prevented the 2:3 final goal and showed numerous other strong saves. The first to congratulate eiban was right-back philip messingschlager: he had laid off ingolstadt’s michael senger after just over half an hour and benefited from eiban’s brilliant day against penalty spot keeper fatih kaya. "I had to put him in front of the sixteen, I was too passive and took a step backwards", messingschlager was self-critical.

As well as in relation to the whole game, in which the victory of the nullfunfer had turned out one, two goals too high: "the results are right at the moment, but it was not perfect for a long time everything." Wenzel did not want to contradict this: "after the 3:0 we seemed inhibited, have moved too slowly and let the opponent come. I do not understand this slump." In fact, despite the third goal shortly after the break, the 05 victory was still in danger. The strong first half hour and the fantastic move to 4:0 love the coach but his criticism limit: "we must not set the bar too high now."

Because: it was a really good regional league game. In which the FC 05 always struck when the ingolstadt team seemed to be on the move. Particularly turbulent: minutes 32 to 36: first ingolstadt’s thomas kurz missed to the right alone in front of 05 keeper alexander eiban (32.), then kaya failed on a penalty kick to eiban (34.). And finally FC 05 counter-attacked for the 1:0 lead: adam jabiri grabbed the ball in his own penalty area, cut diagonally to the left over 50 meters, found stefan maderer and his cross was used by lukas billick (35.). So it was 1:0 instead of 0:2. And when things are going well, why not add to it?? Cross maderer, header jabiri, 2:0 (36.).

At this point, FCI coach tobias strobl was so pissed off that he made an example of his two previously accurate strikers, kaya and amar suljic, by substituting them four minutes before the break. "It’s human when a healthy selfishness comes to light. But when the two guys discuss the missed penalty until we get two goals against, i wanted to make a statement." But he also confessed mischievously: "with an established team like schweinfurt and a stalwart like adam jabiri, i probably didn’t dare to do that." His upper bavarians could have done whatever they wanted during the break: right after the restart, the same fate befell them once again. Substitute patrick hasenhuttl headed what was supposed to be a goal, but referee roman potemkin called a foul on him (47).). So freistob schweinfurt and in turn after fritscher cross jabiri’s second strike to 3-0 (48.).

"It was an exchange of blows with open visor, that has made spab. And it makes me proud that we beat such a strong team as ingolstadt", the double-goal scorer knew only too well that, in addition to goals, a lot of work and discipline was needed. A discipline that was no longer present in the desired quantity after the supposedly safe lead with the hosts. Of course, this lead could have been clearer at first, when jabiri first failed with a side-kick against FCI goalkeeper fabijan buntic and seconds later matthias strohmaier missed to push the ball over the line (63 seconds).). Then, however, the guests also got the reward for their courage to play along (strobl: "young, wild, brisk"): after a foul on marcel kosuch, hasenhuttl converted the second penalty kick to make it 3:1 (59.). And it could have been even closer if patrick sussek hadn’t failed to beat eiban, who reacted superbly (63).).

But the schweinfurt team put the lid on it: dominik weib from the right, jabiri puts it in, florian trinks flicks it into the corner for 4:1 (79).). Then "oldie" was allowed jabiri out and describe his view of the optimal match day, which had brought the schweinfurter on two points to the small bavaria playing 0-0 in furth the day before: "winner of the match day? Is there such a thing? You can’t buy anything from that. Now we have to regenerate quickly – and I have to regenerate a little longer."

Regenerate for pipinsried, the next host and third last in the regionalliga. "I, as an experienced player, know that these are the most difficult games", says jabiri about the game, which really does not guarantee the continuation of the series. Which is why wenzel has already formulated his primary task for the training week: "it’s a matter of getting the team on its toes so that it does it well for 90 minutes." Because 30 very strong minutes like against ingolstadt could not be enough in pipinsried, where presumably a 5+4 double bar will not make it quite so easy for the schweinfurters to score goals.Michael bauer schweinfurt: eiban – messingschlager, strohmaier, kracun, fritscher – billick – weib (82. Philp), trinks, fery, maderer (71. Krautschneider) – jabiri (82. Pieper).

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