Deputy state school spokeswoman from neunkirchen am brand

deputy state school spokeswoman from neunkirchen am brand

The 40 bavarian district school representatives from all types of secondary schools elected six new state school representatives and their deputies from their midst. Wendy vogl-riggioni from neunkirchen am brand middle school was chosen as deputy state school spokesperson. The district school representatives met at the first state school conference to discuss school and district issues and to elect a new state school council.

"We listen attentively to the regional school council, because it reports back to us what moves the young people and how they want to be involved in the shaping of school. I would like to see a culture of democratic participation actively practiced in everyday school life", explains the bavarian minister of culture michael piazolo (). Secretary of state anna stolz also appreciates the schools’ involvement at the state level. "The state school council is an important voice for us in education issues."

The state school council is a democratically elected representative body for all schools, and since august 2008 it has been anchored in the bavarian law on education and instruction. It represents the concerns of the students of secondary, middle, secondary modern, vocational and technical high schools, grammar schools and vocational schools. He has the right to be informed and consulted on fundamental school matters that affect schools, for example, changes to the law on education or school regulations.

In addition, they can make suggestions and proposals to the ministry of education.

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