Children rate their kindergarten

Adults think they know what’s best for children. But children say exactly what they liked and what they didn’t like. For this reason, the kita ggmbh is now conducting a child survey to ensure the quality of its 13 facilities. Together with the evangelische hochschule nurnberg, a suitable instrument was developed for this purpose: a system with which trained educators use an interview guide to ask children about their needs, well-being and wishes in the kindergarten.
In order to prepare the educators of the individual daycare centers for this survey, a workshop on this topic was held in kulmbach to familiarize them with the interview form, to try out a survey in a role play and to practice the subsequent evaluation.
How does a child survey work?? The children between the ages of 4 and 6 are randomly selected for the survey, in equal proportions of girls and boys, so that a representative group is formed. The "interviews last between 20 and 40 minutes and are each conducted by educators from other die-kita facilities to ensure neutrality.
The interviews are conducted using a variety of methods suitable for children. For example, the little ones were asked to talk about their favorite places during a tour of the house and, when asked, to rate various points with smileys. After the interviews, the pedagogical experts summarize their findings on an evaluation sheet. This offers the possibility to compare the results of the children of a daycare center and to make them a basis for discussion in the team.
The next child interview is planned for november 2017. A further meeting will be held in january 2018 for a debriefing in order to support the colleagues in the evaluation and to discuss the form in which the results will be passed on to the children surveyed and to the respective facility teams.
In the future, the survey will be carried out every two years in the daycare centers – so that the children feel comfortable, supported and accompanied in the long term.

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