Celebrated with organ and bells

Celebrated with organ and bells

The resurrection ceremony started at 5 o’clock in the morning. Despite the early hour, it was very well attended. Accompanied by nine altar boys and pastoral advisor thomas matzick, chaplain tobias fehn, who also preached the sermon, celebrated the service. The mass was celebrated by the church choir st. Otto under the direction of reinhold weber and organist alex ort musically framed.

The easter fire was lit on the church square, which was also used to burn the cotton balls of the baptism and the remaining consecrated oles of the previous year. Chaplain fehn first consecrated the fire before lighting the easter candle at this easter fire. After that the burning paschal candle was lit with the triple cry "lumen christi" into the house of god. This brought light to the st. Otto church, during the procession through the nave, the faithful lit the candles they had brought with them on this easter candle, so that the room gradually brightened up. A single candle broke the power of darkness. After the procession through the church, the paschal candle was placed on its stand by the altar. The exsultet was performed by fehn in song form.

The account of the creation from the book of genesis was the content of the first reading, to which the choir and congregation responded with "send forth your spirit" replied. The second reading from the book of exodus was about the exodus of the people of israel from agypt. The choir responded with "I will sing to the lord". The third reading from the book of ezekiel focused on the bewitchment to the people of israel. The choir and the congregation sang: "the word of the lord came to me"."

The organ resounded again

The gloria was sounded, the choir and the congregation joined in the gloria chorus. The bells proclaimed the easter message to the whole town and the organ sounded again for the first time after it had fallen silent on the first thursday.

The fourth reading from the letter to the romans had the content that all are baptized into christ. Here was the song call "thanks be to the lord". Fehn read the gospel of the resurrection according to lucas. Afterwards he preached to the believers. "When difficult situations turn positive or we get through difficult times, we end them with a celebration", so fehn.

The people of israel, having survived the time in egypt, also celebrated the liberation from suffering with the pascha. This was also the theme of the reading from the book of exodus. "This festival is also important for us, the younger brothers and sisters of the people of israel. For jesus celebrated the feast of pascha with his young people, he was taken prisoner after his triumphal entry into jerusalem and suffered death on the cross." The chaplain went on to say that jesus overcame death. With the words: "the victory of jesus over the cross and death is celebrated every sunday", fehn finished his sermon.

Since in early christian times it was customary to administer the sacrament of baptism only once a year, namely at the easter vigil, the tauasser is consecrated every year on this date. For this purpose, the litany of all saints was recited in chant by the choir and the congregation. Those who wanted to could take this dew water home with them in small bottles.

Food consecration at the end

The service also included the easter candles for st. Peter’s day. Elisabeth in hammerbach and the chapel in the rehaklinik were consecrated. Fehn handed them over to the responsible persons to bring them to their place of destination. The service concluded with the consecration of the food.

On a table the believers had placed their tastefully arranged baskets filled with eggs, salt, bort, baked easter staples and meat. At the church doors, consecrated eggs were distributed for the faithful by the altar boys. Those who still had time after the easter vigil were invited to an aperitif in the parish center.

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