Carl platz gave the keynote speech

Carl platz gave the keynote speech

Bernhard panzer it was a sunday in may 1952, when the people marched in a procession from the town hall on the market square to the wiwa pond. There was a special event to mark the occasion. After all, the construction of a school was imminent. It took place on this 25. May only the laying of the foundation stone for the school building, but quite deliberately the entire population was invited, in addition to the citizens from the school district municipalities of burgstall and falkendorf.

The act of consecration was accompanied musically by the fire department band, as well as vocally by the folk choir, liederkranz and werkvolk. A girls’ choir from the girls’ school at the kirchenplatz also performed. Ministerial director carl platz arrived from munich for the ceremony. The school was later named after him and still bears his name today.

Carl platz, a native of upper bavaria, had made a special contribution to the rebuilding of the city of herzogenaurach in the post-war years. And for these services also received the honorary burger of the city. "Whenever herzogenaurach had a particular worry – and that was often the case – carl platz stepped in to help and advise", wrote the FT on the occasion of the 70. Birthday of the honorary burgher. Especially in the construction of the school he had been very active.

The friendship with herzogenaurach dates back to the days when the ministerial director was on duty at the government of upper and middle franconia in ansbach, as the report goes on to say. It rose when platz was appointed vice president of the newly created government of upper franconia in bayreuth. Later the man from bad tolz was the highest official of the bavarian ministry of the interior.

A good year and a quarter after the laying of the foundation stone, the public was invited once again: on 12. September 1953 the inauguration ceremony of the new elementary school took place. There was also a celebration, and director platz was also present to give the ceremonial address. Fire department band, girls choir and boys choir provided the musical framework. The dedication took place by city pastor ritter, the commemorative plaque revealed mayor hans maier with the guests.

Time jump, it’s december 2018. Now again a celebration is on the cards, albeit internally. 65 years later, in keeping with the times, there will, of course, be no public celebration. But we celebrated the completion of the extension of the carl-platz school, the new "pavilion, nevertheless. Short ceremonial speeches, the blessing of the new rooms and the closing ceremony are planned. There will also be colorful performances by the schoolchildren. The celebration for invited guests is this friday.

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