Advancing the lichtenfels district with projects

advancing the lichtenfels district with projects

Do we need a kummerer who gets projects off the ground and takes advantage of demand funds, but costs money himself?? This question was already on the minds of local politicians years ago. At first it hit: yes. Timo steiner was hired for this task in 2009. In the first three years, the regional management initiated investments of around 2.3 million euros and acquired receivables of 1.4 million euros for this purpose. The district invested around 74,000 euros per year in the position.
There was also a future coach, and the realization that one would not want to afford in the long term such personnel and konne. Because the positions are usually designed so that in the first three years, the state of bavaria takes over 80 percent of the salary – then no longer. This was recalled by district administrator christian meibner (CSU) on monday at the meeting of the district committee. In 2014, therefore, there were no more new appointments in the county in this regard.
Now, employee andreas grosch reported on the possibility of operating a regional call with existing personnel. Even so one could benefit from fordermitteln. Over a period of three years, projects worth 562,000 euros could be initiated, for which a contribution of "only" one million euros was required 112 500 euros raised. Grosch outlined the following fields of action: demographic change, innovation and competitiveness, settlement development, regional identity, climate change and energy. Grosch said in the review that he himself had been working at the district administration office since 2009 and therefore knew what had gone wrong then and what could go better in the future.
The new moglichkeit with a demand of 80 percent said the county councilmen. "We can only win", found bernhard christoph (grune). The decision was unanimous. It was first of all a decision of principle. The request period will not begin until 2019 and will extend into 2021. So there is still time to think about possible projects and draw up a request for proposals.

Established in the eastern district

For the eastern part of the county, the "responsibility compass obermain-jura" was in 2017 has been brought to life. It is accompanied by an external consulting firm and focuses on making the area of burgkunstadt, altenkunstadt and weismain more attractive and future-oriented.

Figures from the hospital

Once a year, according to the county's bylaws, there is an insight into the business reports of the companies in which the county has a stake under private law. The focus here is on the clinical center – apart from that, there are only "a few solar plants", as the district administrator remarked. Regiomed chief executive joachim bovelet was therefore invited to the meeting of the district council in lichtenfels in july.

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