85 Years of experience and not a bit quiet

85 years of experience and not a bit quiet

Alfred jendroszek has been living in the senior center st for a year and a half now. Elisabeth. There he is known as an excellent photographer since a photo exhibition in spring. Now horst kreutz, who has been running the "kleine galerie" for years organized in the senior center, another exhibition with pictures of the 85-year-old arranged. Alfred jendroszek has classified them under the generic term "and not a bit quiet" put. He shows mainly architectural photographs and landscapes, which prove the sure eye of the skilled photographer with decades of experience.
At the age of 15, he took his first photos on roll film with one of the box cameras that were common at the time. Since then, he has been fascinated by photography. He switched to small-format photography and to slide film. "I have always used nikon cameras", he says, naming the legendary nikon F2. But jendroszek kept up with the times and the new technology. Nikon he has remained faithful, but he now photographs digitally. And he also edits his pictures himself. In his room stands for it a rough laptop. The image processing program photoshop makes all conceivable processing of the photos possible for him, and he uses this with pleasure and extensively, as a part of the 21 exhibited pictures shows.
There are photos solarized, d.H. Colors are mixed up. Or wave forms come artfully into the picture. Another photo mutated into a line drawing. Some pictures were taken in munich and show the BMW house, which is often used as a photo motif. It is easy to see that he also printed on the ticket in regensburg, lindau, vienna and wolfsburg.
Exhibition organizer horst kreutz attests to the photographer and his photos’ "spontaneity of coloring, which represents a strong joy of color and in part also a ‘rush’ of overall colorfulness." The "abstract color surrealism" is a "challenge for our visual worlds." It was jendroszek’s intention to combine color in exciting contrasts.
Jendroszek used to be a press officer on the board of the VDAV (umbrella organization of german amateur photographers’ associations). He also published the club magazine. As an amateur photographer, he participated very successfully in national and international competitions and exhibitions. In 1992 he founded the international community of competition photographers. Today he is their honorary president.

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