Who grabs the crests and helmets??

Who grabs the crests and helmets??

B smokes someone the world man day? Depends naturally on what it is there for. The one that since the year 2000 has always been on the 3. The kerwa, which is celebrated on november 1, has important goals: there are usually activities to provide information and advice about manner health. Men still have a lower life expectancy than women, partly because they pay less attention to their health in life. Of course, there are many reasons for this, which do not play a role here. However, on world men’s day, we’ll be playing a game about a typical male profession, the samurai. This is the term used in the west to describe traditional japanese warriors who had risen to positions of political power.

In "kaito", japanese for master thief, we are two samurai trying to take each other’s swords, helmets and coats of arms. The tiles are randomly distributed in a square of six by six boxes. In the middle is a "kaito" on the way, which we always alternately pull horizontally or vertically. We hit the stone on which its train ends. If we manage to get all seven alien swords or all three alien helmets, we have won.

So that this doesn’t happen too quickly, we have the possibility to exchange a helmet or a sword with foreign coats of arms that we have beaten. This rule, in turn, can lead to us taking our own emblem stone out of the game under certain circumstances. Then the other one can’t get it anymore and can’t use it for trading.

So it goes back and forth, we dig and pull – and at some point one of us realizes that he can no longer prevent his defeat. That’s not already, but the game experience was anyway. "Kaito" is an all-around successful strategic challenge, which is also very fun because the material is graphically designed in a very pleasing way and feels good to the touch: we have square wooden bricks that carry red or black drawings.

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