The results on loacker do not reassure the people of wonfurt

The results on loacker do not reassure the people of wonfurt

The citizens' initiative "lebenswertes wonfurt" reacts with strong criticism to the two reports that the state office for the environment and the state office for health and food safety presented to the environmental committee of the state parliament on thursday. In it, the two authorities emphasize that the controversial loacker recycling plant in wonfurt poses no danger to human health. The citizens' initiative (BI) in wonfurt sees things very differently, as it makes clear in a statement published yesterday (friday). Signed the representation of the BI their speaker peter werner.

The burgerinitiative reacts with sarcasm. "Merchandise not nicholas eve today", so it seems "the new press release from the authorities could be interpreted as an april joke. Unfortunately, the situation around loacker in wonfurt looks different from what these officials would like to see."
For one and a half years, there has been fierce criticism in wonfurt of the loacker company, which is suspected of releasing dust contaminated with toxic substances from its production facilities into the surrounding area. Burgerinitiative and the municipality of wonfurt demand a complete production stop. At present, only cable scrap may be recycled and no more electrical scrap.

The announcement of the officials in the environmental committee of the state parliament to offer a biomonitoring for the people of wonfurt, limited to lead and PCB, is seen by the citizens' initiative as "a clear rejection of finding the truth and taking responsibility in the gift scandal loacker. This cancellation is not only directed against the people from wonfurt, but also against the people from habfurt and wulflingen who are affected. It does not serve as announced for the calming of the people, at the most for the calming of the own bad conscience", the BI. Just over a year ago, these authorities had been extremely critical of the neurotoxin arsenic, among other things. Now, a good year later, this neurotoxin, which is in the first place, is no longer being considered at all. Contrary to all facts, as the chairman of the environmental committee in the state parliament, christian magerl (grune), has already denounced.

The citizens' initiative makes it clear: it is not a question of no limit values being exceeded, but rather of "the dust from the plant accumulating and the toxic ingredients gradually poisoning the environment and the people." The citizens' initiative therefore continues to demand an independent human toxicological expert opinion for man, soil, environment. The state government will "not be able to sneak out" of this requirement. According to the BI, the two state offices are "involved in the gift scandal from the approval procedure of fichtler/loacker onwards and are therefore to be "strictly rejected" as assessment authorities due to bias.

Furthermore, the BI is calling for a committee of inquiry in the bavarian state parliament.
The initiative criticizes the procedure and the assessments of the two state authorities: measurements were carried out while the company, according to its own information, had only one of three processing lines in operation. Even the investigating institutes did not have any substance quantity streams available. Not all recycled material is the same. Thus, according to the BI, "no reliable statements can be made about the danger posed by the company. At the moment, the BI is suing the administrative court for the release of these material flows. "However, we will also check the content of these data to ensure that they comply with the decision", the BI announces.

Poison cocktail
It further asks: on what basis do the two authorities come to the conclusion that no danger emanates from the company?? And that with the knowledge of the authorities, that heavy metal and
arsenic poisoning claims. There is always talk about individual threshold values for toxic substances; however, it must be taken into account that the company is probably releasing a whole range of toxic substances into the environment. Called a toxic cocktail by toxicologists.
Last measurements, the results of which are not yet available, refer to a bio-plant monitoring, which is considered to be a "not at all tested" procedure the BI complains. The investigating institutes first had to develop the exact measurement and investigation methods. Allegedly, interim reports were already available, which were more than alarming. Recent announcements, however, spoke of march 2013. "To what extent these results are meaningful is still up in the air. This is certainly not the kind of swift, determined action that is so often announced and promised", criticizes the burgerinitiative further.

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