The children are fed up

The children are fed up

The kids get a big stink. During their daily walks they actually like to use the paths along the city walls. But because they are full of dog piles, the spab is fundamentally spoiled for them. When the children of the duck group met mayor helmut blank (CSU) during a recent walk, they gave vent to their anger. And the dear come up with something.

Dog toilets installed

Dog poop has been an ongoing issue in munnerstadt for years. The paths along the city wall are especially popular with the dog walkers. And so they look. To make it easier for dog owners to remove and dispose of dog waste, the city has purchased several so-called dog toilets where empty bags can be removed and the full ones disposed of. These are used, but not by all dog owners. And so it is not uncommon that some owners let their four-legged friends do their business right next to the dog toilets and don’t bother about the waste they leave behind.

Because the town is celebrating 1250 years of its first documentary mention this year, several roads, paths and walkways have been repaired, including the walkways along the town wall. The grass growth has also been removed, with the result that the dog poo is now even better exposed.

The problem is by no means new, the city has reacted by setting up dog toilets and calling on people to report dogs to the city administration. Without real success. Now the mayor wants to try to appeal to dog owners’ common sense with the help of children’s drawings.

At the chance meeting, he suggested to the children that they draw their problems with the dog piles. His goal: to put the best drawings in foils and display them on the city wall to show the dog-pile sinners what problems they cause the children.

Drawings handed over

After putting their problems on paper, eleven children from the duck group, together with teacher michaela humpfner, handed over the drawings to the mayor, who immediately held a "city council meeting" in the large meeting room of the city hall convened with the children. The children also had a lot to say about the subject. "Please pick up all dog poop and use the trash cans", maximilian said about it and vincent said: "that is pollution! Why don’t you clean up the dog poop?? We want clean shoes." All the kids didn’t think it was funny at all that the poop was lying around.

"I also have a dog that I walk", said helmut blank. "The city has spent a lot of money", he said. After all, such a dog station costs 750 euros, and the city has bought several of them. He wanted to know from the children what else they thought could be done about dog poop. Vincent suggested, for example, surveillance cameras.

Now the pictures are to be exhibited in the foyer of the town hall. Helmut blank asks the people of munnerstadt to make a rating, the most expressive pictures he then wants to display on the city wall. Because it was a "city council meeting" the children were also allowed to vote on it. The result was clear, there were no dissenting votes.

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