Study: wolfsburg is germany’s strongest economic city

Study: wolfsburg is germany's strongest economic city

This is the result of a study by the institut der deutschen wirtschaft (IW) in colonia, which was made available to dpa. Wolfsburg’s gross domestic product (gdp) of around 92,600 euros per capita puts it ahead of the financial metropolis of frankfurt am main (82,700 euros) and the bavarian city of schweinfurt (78,400 euros). The "rheinische post" first reported on the study on monday.

Wolfsburg’s top position has several explanations. First of all, the city pays for as many jobs as it has inhabitants – a good 120,000. 74,000 people commute to wolfsburg every day. The entire region lives from the car manufacturer VW, germany’s largest industrial group. The closest centers are relatively far away: braunschweig, hannover and magdeburg. Wolfsburg has a special position.

Even if wolfsburg is thus an outlier, the study shows a remarkable tendency: coarse does not equal strong. For example, munich – known for its high price level and a high density of dax companies – has the highest economic power per inhabitant of the four million metropolises in this country (with berlin, hamburg and poland), but the 58,000 euros per capita are only enough for 14th place in the overall ranking of all german cities.

In contrast, thriving centers with fewer inhabitants perform correspondingly well: schweinfurt (ranked third), known for rolling mills and the automotive supplier industry, is an example, as is ingolstadt at number four – with audi the location of a VW subsidiary. Together with regensburg – also a commuter magnet and known for its metal and electronics industry – bavaria also ranks fifth on the list.

However, the study is only of limited value for the overall picture of strong business centers. If the district of munich were a city, it would rank second in the list – with almost 82,900 euros per capita. This puts the number 14 ranking for the city of munich into perspective.

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