Small troop achieves a lot

The long and sometimes unsuccessful elections at many general meetings were the least of the problems for the gehulzer singers of the liederkranz breitenloh, who had gathered at the weber/breitenloh clubhouse. After all function carriers made themselves available again for their office, in the center of the discussions the concern was around a long-term continuance of the choir – with what the "liederkranz" by far not alone in the frankenwald.

With still twelve active singers the manner choir is "at the lower border of the viability", chairman dirk elsesser already addressed the problem in his annual report. Shift work, vacation or (more rarely) sick leave always put the rehearsal itself in question; an increase was urgently needed. How to win the choir and how to orientate the choir in order to be attractive in the future, was the topic of discussion for some time – a "miracle cure" could not offer.

Village evening was high point

The number of members is 45. The highlight of the events was the joint performance with the "bergmusikanten" organized village evening, which was well received with music, song and theater. The three male roles in the one-act play "the puebl" were found to be original just as director and prompter alone by 1. And 2. Board of directors as well as the secretary of the choral society were elected.

As usual, successful performances were the very well-attended singers’ afternoon in rotschreuth, the singing at the ecumenical seniors’ afternoon, a club anniversary and at the christmas mass.

Choir director klaus porsch looked back on 31 rehearsals and five public performances. Besides new, popular songs, a few folk tunes were also rehearsed.

Election committee chairman hans lorenz had an easy job and was able to hand over his office to the new – and old – chairman after only six minutes. The only change compared to the last years is the extension of the assessors by two more members.

The new elections of the singing club liederkranz gehulz-breitenloh for 2020 to 2022 brought unanimously the following results: 1. Chairman dirk elsesser , 2. Chairman tino schnapp, secretary hans blinzler, treasurer richard biniszewski, culture manager dieter preib, music manager wolfgang munch, committee members jan biniszewski, marek kisiala, hans lorenz, martin simon and armin weber. Jan biniszewski was again appointed banner, marek kisiala and dieter preib became treasurers.

In the concluding point "wishes and requests there were a lot of words, especially on "topic number 1", the singers’ problem of young talent, in addition to which a club outing was organized on the 21st. June and a participation in the sangertag in gestungshausen (27. June) decided.

The resumption of singing hours was postponed to the 13. March set. Newcomers were then – of course – quite welcome.

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