Series of accidents on the a73

Series of accidents on the a73

On his way home on thursday morning, a 31-year-old van driver briefly nodded off on the A73 in the direction of nurnberg. As a result, he moved from the left lane to the single-file lane, on which a 54-year-old female VW driver was just driving to change to the right lane. The van crashed unbraked into the rear of the VW.

The van then skidded from right to left and crashed into the central guard rail. Rejected from there, the van slid almost 100 meters with its front wheel torn off until it came to a halt. Due to the injuries to the passenger in the car, it had to be cut open by the hirschaid fire department.

The rescue service then took the three injured people to a hospital for inpatient treatment. The impact had also spread engine oil on the road, which was also bound by the fire department hirschaid was. The A 73 in the direction of nurnberg had to be closed several times on thursday morning for the cleaning work. The damage caused is estimated to be approx. 30.800 euros.

Printed against the central guard rail

just as a 48-year-old driver was overtaking a tractor-trailer on the A73 motorway on thursday afternoon, the left front tire of the truck blew out. This caused the truck to spin out of control and crashed the car into the central crash barrier. No one was injured in the accident, but the three-month-old car was totally damaged in the process. In total, there was a loss of 22.600 euros.

Crashed into the crash barrier

due to his inappropriate speed on the rain-soaked road, a 39-year-old mercedes driver skidded into the crash barrier when entering the A73 in the direction of nurnberg on thursday evening. Total damage to property amounted to approximately 5.500 euro.

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