Roland gotschel: already a coach at 22

Roland gotschel: already a coach at 22

Half a century has passed since roland gotschel took up his first coaching post at FC neuenmarkt. It was the springboard for a successful career as a coach. The former elementary school teacher, now 72, was promoted to the bavarian league with FC bayern hof, FC lichtenfels, FC kronach (each in the regional league), FC neuenmarkt (in the district league), and celebrated the preservation of the bavarian league with TSV trebgast.

For many years gotschel was 2. Chairman of the upper franconian football coaches' association and active in coach training for the association.

We spoke to roland gotschel after he was honored by FC neuenmarkt for 50 years of membership.

FC neuenmarkt hired you almost 50 years ago as a player-coach for the C-class at that time. Do you remember how this happened??

At that time, we set up a small apartment in my parents' house in neuenmarkt. I was standing on a ladder when alfons vogt, who was the "girl for everything" at the time, came to me FC neuenmarkt, suddenly stood in the room and asked me if I could imagine becoming a player-coach. I was just 22 years old and played for BSV bayreuth, today's FSV, after having played for ATS kulmbach in school as well as in youth and also in the landesliga for two years. The decision to accept this offer was very profound for me. A career in a higher class was virtually over before it had really begun.

A player coach who was only 22 – weren't there problems with older players??

Of course, this was a challenge for everyone involved. Suddenly it hit, tuesday and thursday is training, on thursday still players meeting. For me it was self-evident. However, three important stutzen believed that they did not need that. Their career at the FC was just then over. All the others did a great job.

What was different back then than today?

For us there was only fubball. Training twice a week and the match day were as much a part of everyday life as the daily meal. When we had an important match for promotion with BSV bayreuth, a teammate got married on match day. After the wedding ceremony, he appeared with his wife and wedding guests, changed his clothes and played for. Only then did the wedding party begin. Today, fubball players cancel because grandma is going to 74. Invited for coffee on his birthday.

How did you deal with this as a coach??

Spab and the will to perform do not have to be mutually exclusive. Sepp herberger already said that the players must fall down laughing – from exhaustion. Varied training, always new impulses and, of course, a respectful tone are the prerequisites for bringing players to their performance limits, no matter what class they are in. That was also the reason for me to make a sound education to the B-license coach. So in december 1969, i already took my first course for the B license.

Can you tell us one or two funny stories about FC neuenmarkt??

At a home game against a team from the stadtsteinacher oberland, a teammate asked me during halftime: "coach, who are we playing against anyway??" Another one unpacked his sports bag at the homecoming game and cursed: "damn, two left fubball shoes." I still have to laugh today when i think of the scene when a teammate challenged me to a running duel after a home game. We drank in a relaxed atmosphere, we had a beer or two, he had his third cigar. With our teammates cheering us on, we sprinted from 16 to 16 in sandals. It was all about a crate of beer. He had to pay.

They were also very ambitious.

When I got my B-license in 1973, I already had the idea of coaching at the top level one day. No one could have imagined that it would happen so quickly. As early as january 74, i had a request from SV neuses/kronach to take over the national league team. It was in a relegation battle. So we made the commitment and managed to stay in the league! As a player, however, i have remained loyal to FC neuenmarkt. We played at that time in the katzbachtal against ludwigschorgast for promotion. My entire neuses national league team was among the spectators. And their coach was on the pitch. We won, and the SV neuses made me an offer as a player-coach, which I declined. Also in the following year we could secure the class preservation.

Where did you have the best times as a coach??

I had unforgettable moments at all the clubs. Almost everywhere I was faced with a rebuilding, had to change the system or young players to build and install. The league victories at SV neuses and TSV trebgast were just as valuable as the championships and promotions. But the first year as coach at FC neuenmarkt was one of the most enjoyable. It was an unbelievable team spirit. There was no sports home yet. We came already changed to the game, had to shower afterwards at home, and then again in the next room of the club restaurant "zur stadt bayreuth" to meet. At 8 p.M., there was not a single seat left. And then it was singing time. That does not exist anymore.

What role does fubball still play for you today??

No longer the lead. Of course, I am interested in the results, especially those of my ex-clubs. I naturally follow the bundesliga and international soccer on television. Apart from that, i enjoy the sporting development of my grandchildren in upper bavaria, whom i unfortunately hardly ever see on the pitch. But there is whatsapp.

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