On the run from poverty

On the run from poverty

They allegedly wanted to go to france to do "light gardening work" earning money – the twelve rumanians who were stopped by the police in bruckenstrabe in hochstadt on wednesday morning. The twelve men from southeastern europe were in a ford-transit with hungarian license plates, registered for nine people, with their luggage.

They had to go with them to the hochstadt police station. There their passports were checked. "And that is how it remained", explained hochstadt’s deputy head of department gerhard backert.

Nine of the rumanians were allowed to continue the journey in the hungarian car. The three who were too much had – to the amazement of the police officers – immediately reached someone who picked them up. Because there was no evidence of a crime and the romanians, as EU citizens, enjoyed freedom of travel, passport control was not carried out.

But the police did not really believe the story with the light gardening in france. "We assume that they wanted to go on begging tours here", said backert. Groups of romanian beggars have been observed throughout the winter in our area. They come with public transport, preferably in the area rottenbach/adelsdorf.

Police warn against letting strangers into the house. Every opportunity that presents itself is used to take something with them. People who speak only broken german often pose as flood victims. Backert has somewhere however also understanding: "the problem of the poverty refugees arrived now with us."

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