Museums want a bigger slice of the tourism pie

The corona-related travel bans led to a significant increase in the number of overnight stays by tourists from germany from the eifel to the bavarian forest. The upper franconia region also benefits from "vacations at home. But the museums benefit only partially from the increased tourism figures.

In order to create a better link between museums and tourism, the ambassador of the network "culture and enjoyment" had the following objectives and managing director of the museums at the monchshof in kulmbach, helga metzel, and her colleagues were invited to a networking meeting in the lecture hall of the monchshof museums. Together with the tourism representatives of the upper franconian towns and communities and the museum directors, the question was raised as to how tourism and museums can benefit more from each other and how more effective and active cooperation between the two areas can be demanded.

District administrator klaus peter sollner praised the work done so far by the regional initiative "enjoyment region upper franconia and emphasized the special features of the upper franconian museums: "culinary delights and enjoyment – upper franconia stands for this like no other region, and we can look with pride on our museums and organizations that bring these traditions and region-specific features closer to the people."

Advertising for the living space

Mayor ingo lehmann even went one step further: "successful tourism does not only require the number of visitors to upper franconia. Maybe this way we can draw attention to the fact that we have excellent living conditions here and that young people can also imagine settling down here."

The following work phase focused on concrete measures and projects that can be target-oriented for a successful linkage of the museums with local tourism. In addition to the development of entire day trips in the region with the targeted integration of the museums, an analysis of the "otto normal tourist" was also carried out on the subject: how to book a vacation? How to get information? How to make interested parties aware of your facilities? In the course of the day, agreement was also reached on a joint website and a joint app. In the future, the new advertising offering will be rounded off by suitable print products. In addition, working groups will be formed in the future, and contact persons and responsible persons will be appointed for the respective areas of responsibility, who will take the lead in coordinating these areas.

"Important tourist partners"

Helga metzel summarized: "all in all, we see our museums as important tourism partners that, with the right soft skills and support, have the potential to make an important contribution to local and cultural tourism in franconia. We use our resources to draw tourists’ attention to the region and, as a network ‘culture and enjoyment in franconia’, to whet their appetite for culture. In order to make this project successful, we need to work closely with those responsible for tourism, to work more intensively on viewing museums from the perspective of the visitor and the tourist, and to develop strategies on how to market ourselves as an attractive visitor destination.".

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