Lichtenberg dives back into the middle ages

Lichtenberg dives back into the Middle Ages

This year again, at the end of the bavarian summer vacations, it’s time to go to lichtenberg! In this small castle town, situated high above selbitz and the saale river, 7. And 8. September musicians and stallholders from all over germany and neighboring countries came together to celebrate a medieval festival the likes of which there are very few.

For two days the old town is filled with musicians and stallholders, with knights and herbalists, with scissor grinders and charlatans. There’s boiling and roasting, singing and dancing, and it’s usually not until long after midnight that peace returns to the old castle walls.

The organizers don’t let their hair down when it comes to providing musical entertainment: the "schandmaiden" band, two young ladies, whose songs are especially dedicated to the erotic aspects of the middle ages, compete with "spilwut, the "rapauken and the czech group "braagas" competes for the favor of the audience. Of course "lyra musica" and the czech group not missing, the well-known duo from the native frankenwald.

For those who have danced themselves silly, "mac menzies feuer" is a good example and their melting torches, which turn the night into day. Of course, there is food and drink, carousing and feasting everywhere in a rather medieval way. The "white gold the middle ages is brought in by a flying salt merchant who shows how to extract this once precious substance.

A children’s carousel, the "knuth" theater and a mouse circus are just some of the attractions specially dedicated to the youngest among us. You can always find refuge in the old castle tower, where a marchener payer takes you back to times long past.

The lichtenberg castle festival was founded 19 years ago by lichtenberg burghers as a source of income for the preservation of the castle ruins. Many thousands of euros have already been transferred to the city of lichtenberg for this purpose. True to its statutes, the lichtenberger burgverein organizes the castle festival as a cultural event. Commercial aspects are in the background.

Before the festival begins, cars are banned from the old town, as are electric lights and electrical appliances. The inhabitants of lichtenberg put aside their everyday clothes and become falconers, woodturners, sugar bakers and bowmen.

The castle festival in lichtenberg starts at 10 a.M. On both days. The entrance fee is 7 euro for the everyday dressed, 3 euro for the medieval dressed. Children who are no rougher than the swords of the shield guard get in free of charge.

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