Larm protection must come

Burgermeister hermann anselstetter lasst in the fight for the larmschutz at the bundesstrabe 303 in the area of the residential area "im gut/hopfengarten" do not relax. Together with representatives of the local SPD, he now met with affected residents for a site meeting and a discussion. Also present were inge aures, member of the state parliament, and theresa weith, SPD candidate for district administrator.

Anselstetter emphasized that the market town council has already launched an eight-point concept (we reported in detail). Immediate measures include a speed limit of 60 kilometers per hour, which is the responsibility of the district administration, the installation of a permanent toll booth, and the early implementation of noise abatement measures by the state building authority.

The "unequal fight with arguments, measurements and outcries of the burghers against state-imposed calculation methods has now already lasted 50 years. The burden of larms has "increased to an unbearable level" since reunification at the latest.

"Despite the justified demands for arm protection measures, the citizens are completely left in the lurch with a single "deadly argument": the federal highway was there first, the builders had to know what they were in for. "This is an irresponsible simplification", said anselstetter.

The citizen initiative led by martina karl since october 2019 demands arm protection measures with justification.

The affected residents received support from mdl inge aures: "the permanent increase in traffic alarms is annoying the citizens and is becoming an ever-increasing burden." She had turned to construction director siegfried beck for an update. He had informed her that in 2020 an extensive renovation of the roadway from ludwigschorgast to himmelkron would be carried out. "Asphalt to reduce larming is to be installed on the high road at wirsberg. A mathematical verification of the emissions is to take place in 2020", the delegate said.

As spokeswoman for the residents, martina karl agreed with the mayor on all points. "Why is this expected of us?? Do we have better nerves than others??", she asked.

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