Himmelkroner building committee waves through three problematic building applications

himmelkroner building committee waves through three problematic building applications

Exactly one week ago, three building applications for single-family homes were considered problematic by the municipal council. In the meeting of the building committee on monday evening, however, they were "waved through" without any major objections. The municipal approval was given to the following building applications: new construction of a single-family house with garages at konigsberger strasse 6. This is the first building project in the "trasse alte BAB 9" construction area. With regard to the hipped roof with planned 25 degrees, an exemption from the provisions of the development plan was pronounced; in the resolution was included the suggestion of councilor alfons lauterbach () to ensure a proper drainage of the surface or drainage water at the southern boundary of the property.

Building is also allowed at "festplatz 13 a" in the district of lanzendorf. After the developer had presented the proof of the secured right of way and will build a cistern with a capacity of 7000 liters, the building committee saw no more obstacles for the planned new residential building with garage and carport.

The new construction of a single-family home with a double garage at gartenstrabe 1 in lanzendorf was initially considered problematic because of the planned full stories. Local councillor alfons lauterbach: "it is quite a block at this place!" The building committee agreed on one or the other exemption from the stipulations of the development plan.

The municipality of himmelkron has a lot of trouble with parked cars in the district of gossenreuth, specifically in the areas of the main street "untere leite" and "hofgelege. In certain areas, there is a threat of an absolute ban on stopping on both sides of the road if this is not remedied, because the mullabfuhr has announced that it will no longer use these roads. The municipal administration wants to ask the residents for the time being "hoflich bitten", to improve the parking situation by creating additional parking spaces for the cars on the company’s own land. For the time being, in the "hauptstrabe/untere leite" junction area, the parking situation is being on both sides of the road there are barriers with zig-zag lines which precluded parking there altogether.

From the status report of the building yard it became clear that the use of the multi-functional municipal vehicle "holder from 2003 for year-round use is gradually reaching its limits, especially as repairs are also becoming more frequent. Mayor gerhard schneider (CSU) spoke of a proud price, as a new purchase comes to around 163,000 euros. Second mayor harald peetz (CSU) suggested that other factories should also be considered for purchase or leasing. The purchase is to be taken into account in financial planning.

The planning for the extension of the fire station in himmelkron has been initiated. The preparatory work will be carried out by the floriansjunger themselves. The masonry construction is tendered and awarded. The extension is scheduled for completion at the end of the year.

The playground in the "ziegelhutte" construction area will get a picket fence as an enclosure, the roof of the play tower will get new shingles; the high seesaw will be replaced by a normal seesaw, and the bench will be renewed with new wooden planks. At the playground of the kindergarten "lummerland the wooden fence is renewed. The purchase of playground equipment for the lanzendorf school and the fencing of the playground in the "eulich" building area also met with approval and the football pitch in gossenreuth.

The oak tree on laitscher weg is still considered "vital" by the district’s technical advisor friedhelm haun held. The requested felling of the tree was rejected against the votes of alfons lauterbach, raimund oetter and harald peetz.

A proposal by herbert and reiner heinz to build an agricultural road in the area of the "lindenhof" was rejected to be closed for vehicles over 6 tons.

Mayor gerhard schneider was pleased at the end of the meeting, because the trash cans that had previously stood directly in front of the sack property on the parking lot will now be placed in the courtyard next to the "kinderhaus" set up and also provided with a privacy fence.

Local councillor manuel gumtow () called for the completion of the cycle path from lanzendorf to himmelkron, which was already planned for the end of august 2018.

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