Health resorts and spas call for financial aid

For the remainder of 2018 and the coming year 2019, the community of the five french spas and health resorts of bad rodach, bad staffelstein, bad steben, weibenstadt and bad alexandersbad would like to focus on the topic of mobile home parking spaces. That’s what their representatives decided at the general meeting in bad rodach, where mayor tobias ehrlicher buried his colleagues in the thermal baths. The "5 kurfranken these five communities call themselves. Four of the five municipalities already have parking spaces in the immediate vicinity of the local spa and are considering a possible expansion.
Another key topic was suggested by burgermeister ehrlicher and concerned the financial resources of the bavarian spas and health resorts. The tasks associated with the state recognition were obligatory tasks for the towns to secure the rating. This has been accompanied by a continuous need for investment and a financial burden due to ongoing operations. But it was precisely the spa operators who had great potential for developing the countryside, especially in structurally weak regions, said ehrlicher. The bavarian government’s structural policy has achieved a great deal, but all those present agreed that it still needs support. The community of the "5 kurfranken therefore calls for further improvement of funding for spas and health resorts.
After a brief discussion, the meeting participants were given an expert tour of the spa by mayor tobias ehrlicher and managing director stine michel, and were able to see for themselves the wide range of recreational and leisure opportunities available there.

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