Grown together

Grown together

Whether in the office or on the assembly line, whether as a room fitter or as head of production logistics – each of the honorees plays a role in ensuring that the business of coburg-based compressed air specialist kaeser kompressoren runs as smoothly as possible. Over the past 25, 40 or even 45 years that they have been working for the company, the tasks at kaeser have changed again and again within the company and have required the employees to learn and grow with the company. "In all that time, they have stayed with it and have contributed in their respective fields of work so that the company as a whole could develop and grow", thomas kaeser, chairman of the executive board of kaeser kompressoren, thanked the jubilarians. They had risen to the challenges, mastered them and thus contributed significantly to the success of the company. "Our company is, in large part, what it is today because of you and your dedication: an internationally well-positioned family business whose high-quality products can be found in almost every country in the world.", kaeser paid tribute to his loyal employees.

At the ceremony to honor their many years of service to the company, thomas kaeser thanked the employees for their loyalty and asked them to pass on the extensive know-how they had acquired over the years to those who had not been with the company for so long. "This is how we ensure that things continue to move forward in the future", kaeser said according to a press release.

Honored for 25 years of service: kerstin braun, karin graser, jens butters, uwe hertwig, marcel meibner, uwe riedel.

Honored for 40 years of service: roland hillmert.

Ralf lichtblau was honored for 45 years of service

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