Generation internet also likes to shop in stores

Generation internet also likes to shop in stores

The stationary store is still the most popular shopping option for most citizens, the management consultancy roland berger strategy consultants and ECE, operator of shopping centers, announced in hamburg on wednesday. At the end of 2012, they had surveyed around 42,000 people about their shopping behavior and evaluated around 2,000 shopping diaries. Two thirds of the consumers are regular customers in the stationary trade and buy there every two weeks or more often. On the internet, this only applies to 13 percent.

According to figures from the german mail order association, online sales of goods increased by more than a quarter to around 28 billion euros in 2012. In the classic retail trade, on the other hand, annual profits of just under 400 billion euros are achieved. "The battle between online and stationary retail is far from decided," reported prof. Bjorn bloching by roland berger.

Only the classical trade must bring out its strong again. He is sure that grocery stores on the outskirts of town have seen their best days. "The cities are becoming more lively again, that’s where trade has to go."It depends very much on the offer and the presentation.

According to a study, around 64 percent of bundesburgers like to go shopping – in the real world. In addition to the service-oriented retirees, the next generation of so-called "digital natives" can also be found in the shops (average age 28). Although they surf the internet a lot, online shopping is still the exception, according to the study. To them the spab is important when shopping, also with friends.

According to the study, people who browse in stores value advice, trying things on and off, and taking the goods home as soon as possible – and not the best price. Such customer needs can not yet or will never be able to satisfy the online trade, he said.

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